This is not my week. Probably gonna slip deadlines again at this rate. I really don't want to fail at this project.


I hate these moments where I surprised by these "unknown unknowns" and am left having to quickly assimilate lots of new information after having already written... apparently over 3000 lines of code for my current project.

New info is fun on a new project but it quickly stops being fun once it starts to conflict with the solution I've already started to construct.


I appreciate that I've made more progress on this than anyone else ever could, but I'm two months in and, well, fuck!

This is what they get for waiting this long to have someone come up with "sane billing code", I guess. Momentum-halting frustration at every new, insane corner of the codebase that I find.

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It doesn't help that every last soul to touch this part of the codebase seems to have not known what they were doing, what they were working with, or what they were trying to achieve. Which to be fair, I was warned about.

I suppose if I'm halted on progress for three days because I keep getting confused by the code I'm supposed to be changing, then that's a known cost.

Oh well.


@victoria "sane billing code" sounds like something an organisation might want from day one. Wow. I do not envy you. Hopefully they have a well documented understanding of what sane means to help you along.

You better be celebrated as a hero when you emerge victorious!


@dbs They're already celebrating me as a hero, actually. Current state of my WIP is that it's a "prototype" that demonstrates that all of my ideas are sound.

My current frustration is reconciling the new data structures with a messy front end that includes very confusing data structures. Over 1K lines to read and surgically replace for this small task... yes, not fun at all.

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