I've come here looking for that twitter protocol...

maintaining vocational awe in the face of constant elitism is quite a feat

drink every time someone says "rich metadata"

back at work today after code4lib just in time for... performance review day!

without facebook i don't know what people are doing unless they tell me (few local/past people i know are on twitter) which feels very weird and yet also just used to be life?

looking for info on piwik performance tuning if anyone knows of some/has experience

I renewed my pinboard account and the site went down. Hopefully this is not a bad omen for tech resolutions.

Well I have two book club books I still haven't read but I watched all of Hill House today. (so good)

Please be more on the nose, pedestrian, and cliche.

Being asked to use an Avengers metaphor in an IT presentation is causing me psychic pain.

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Google has removed Kodi from the autocomplete in their search functionality. As the Verge says:

"While Kodi is legal software..., it supports a myriad of third-party add-ons that provide access to pirated media."

You know, just like Windows, macOS, Linux, and damn near every web browser in existence today.

After we all #DeleteFacebook maybe we should also try another search engine that's #AnythingButGoogle.


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happy instance admin appreciation day remember to appreciation your admins

NY people who've been agitating about another code4lib-nys, I made us a channel on the code4lib slack. Let's see if some virtual socialization can get another conference moving (personally I would even be up for a virtual conference)

I don't know if fiscal continuity will have q&a but if so I hope there will be hardcore mansplaining gatekeeping.

There's a federated timeline and a local timeline. I wonder if you can make your own combination timelines, like this one plus the digipres club?


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