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Excited to have the work of one of my bots included in this show in Mexico City.

Just got a scare when I found this Halloween bug on the arm of my coat. What is it?

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Anyone know if there is some paper, blog, whatever explaining why academic/scholarly journal articles continue to be ~99% published in PDF instead of HTML?

I'm not being snarky, I'm genuinely baffled and interested in knowing the answer.

Saw an eboard advertisement today that read: NO MORE HARDWARE

What are the best ways of going from a citation to finding a DOI? Could be either plain text citation or denormalized but fielded citation data. @workshop_oc

tfw you're not rushing for the bus for once and then the bus is late

Excited to have the work of one of my bots included in this show in Mexico City.

Huh. Unsuspended within minutes. Really makes you wonder why some other things take so long to do when they're the right thing to do.

I really did not think I made a convincing enough argument to unsuspend.

I wouldn't have written this thread if I thought that it would get unsuspended and definitely wouldn't have if I had any hope of it getting unsuspended so quickly.

Well, they're all suspended now, but I really only want to get this one back up and running. The exhibit was, unbeknownst to me, delayed for a long time due to an earthquake so I was surprised to have heard it was finally going forward again. I know this work is just a trifle, but it feels nice to have it recognized as art in a gallery. A dream for it to happen with something I've done.

I'm so upset that the birb site suspended one of my art bots earlier this year. Later this month some of its work is going to be exhibited outside the US, and it would have been nice to show the live version as well.

I've wanted to set up a personal Mastodon instance for my bots so something like this can't happen again but I don't know that I'll have the time to get it done in time.

I want to start the "speaker notes are not for you the speaker" movement.

You put so much work into your beautiful presentation with nearly contentless slides, so why not write out some notes to get greater impact from all the work you put into it?

I'm surprised after having seen job titles with "imagineer" I haven't also see "awesomeer"--someone who will make things awesomer.

And there's got to be someone who's called themselves a "awesommelier", right? Yes, yes, there has been. Even dumb t-shirts.

The internet has made thinking you've come up with new words more difficult.

This is just a commit message I made on a slide deck about an addition to the speaker notes I'm working on as if it isn't all too evident by the time I'm on this slide in the presentation:

add note about how I am not perfect

Is there already a term for a style of slide deck which is made of mostly links which are intended to be explored by the audience during a presentation? If not I propose to call it a "link deck".

Intention being that the talk is mainly incidental to the audience exploring the links that are of interest to them as the talk is happening.

The demo image in this repository is interesting. Not sure what development project would need these three videos.

I've come to rely on snoozing browser tabs, but did I ever miscalculate how many tabs I'd want to push off until today! Now I need a "snooze all tabs to the right" add-on too.

Does it still count as inbox zero if you've snoozed a bunch of emails?

Anyone know of a list of songs that are duets where one part is sung by an instrument? I'm thinking of songs like Etta James' "The Pick-Up" where she talks with a saxophone.

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