Okay, so, I have a student wanting to use 32-bit NLTK on (presumably 64-bit) Python 3.x/Windows. Is this possible? Will it blow up somehow? Why isn't NLTK 64-bit?

@dsalo I spent some time with NLTK a couple of years ago in a 64-bit linux environment, first using Anaconda to set things up and later in pure python (installing with pip), and things worked, once you get the python versioning/pathing sorted out, which shouldn't take more than a couple of years sitting on a mountaintop

@pbinkley yep, I just got it to work via pip, and suggested same to the student. I hope it works!

@pbinkley but of course that's not actually how the NLTK install page recommends a Windows install go, so this might be... fun... if there's a reason pip wouldn't work on Windows.


@dsalo fingers crossed - some days you eat the pip, and some days the pip eats you

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