outcome of today's dev standup: interesting is better than boring, but easy is better than interesting

It's official, the Access conference will be in Edmonton in 2019, for the first time since 2005

Achievement unlocked: replacing the battery of a Samsung phone. Next level: replacing the filigree-cracked back glass plate of a Samsung phone.

Got my turnaround time of "can-you-help-me-with-x / never-mind-I-figured-x-out" email couplets down from 7 minutes this morning to 4 minutes this afternoon.

Things are getting salty in the Historical Linguistics & Etymology group on Facebook

A lunchtime poem

September geese passed over me:
A noisy mini-V of three.

Wondering vaguely where I left my phone, while walking to a meeting, while looking at my phone

my inaugural post may as well be a job: Digital Initiatives Projects Librarian careers.ualberta.ca/Competitio


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