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Isn't it funny that @hudajkhan and I are definitely not the same person?

For my own ego's sake, I'm not reading too much into how easy I find it to play a character with an INT of 6

I don't subscribe to horseshoe theory but, uh, when folk on the left experience extreme frustration and slip into cynicism, what can we do to stave off a further slide into Trumpist burn-it-all nihilism?

imagine believing there is enough institutional trust remaining in the country to be concerned about the SCOTUS leak

tell me you live inside the beltway without telling me you live inside the beltway

Spoiler alert: the Dems won't do shit about this other than make noise; they'll get rolled at the ballot box this year; and we will still vote for their sorry asses again, and again.

And this is the absolute best we can expect in this dumpster fire country, I guess?

Just confirming: "extrajudicial killing" doesn't mean taking out judges deemed "extra," right?

(The weeks of 2/19 and 4/9 are low because students had off those weeks.)

Cases began increasing almost immediately after the policy was enacted, and with new omicron subvariants becoming dominant, cases appear to be near-doubling every week. Surprising no one. (2/2)

Too cynical to assume the timing of the Jan. 6th report release is intended to help the Democrats in the midterms?

Which it probably won't, yeah?

TTW you bested Strahd but are still stuck in Barovia 😨

wish i could tell you all about the time i tried to drive a car in Switzerland but i couldn't get it out of neutral

have any other peeps had their keybase proofs break recently? I haven't touched my mastodon or keybase accounts recently, so it's a bit of a mystery. cc: @kayiwa

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