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I recently learned about Italian citizenship rules (thanks to @adalov3l3ss!), and after some genealogical deep dives, determined that I very likely am an Italian citizen.

I've just taken the first steps in the long process to have my citizenship recognized and it's thrilling.

As weird as it will feel to be around actual non-family human beings in actual not-my-home buildings, I cannot WAIT for live music. Yes, please.

i was gifted these super-nice noise-cancelling headphones shortly before the pandemic and now i will use any excuse to avoid putting them on

i've reached the point in the pandemic where it's more valuable to me to stay out of Zoom (etc.) than to attend (virtually) the annual conferences I love. sorry, Open Repositories. hope to see you for real next year, tho.

the bad news is that, maybe for the first time, i looked into what it'd take to leave the proto-fascist U.S. (for Australia)

the good news, for Australia, is it appears to be prohibitively costly and thus unlikely for us to be able to relocate there

how i thought the day would go: strolling down the street in a tank top, flexing the new biceps

how it actually went: $#!+posting at my desk

Hiring reminder: the @StanfordLibs Access team are an A+ bunch if you are a developer considering new gigs, and the benefits at Stanford are competitive. We hope to see more of you apply!

For first consideration, we recommend you get your application in by Friday, May 28th.

totally fumbled this one; it's actually the lydian dominant. πŸ₯΄

in music, just as in programming, the off-by-one bests me.

Fourth test batch of amaro macerating now. Trying a combination of rhubarb & gentian as bittering agents, and tossing in hops and cedar tips to try some new-to-me flavors. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

came within like 5mm of dipping a sweet potato fry into my breakfast tea which is a sign that i needed more, not less, tea

first three outings queued up after my full vax kicks in:

1. zoo
2. dentist
3. Mariners!

gotta get haircut and physical therapy on the list, and c a n n o t wait to get to a show

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