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I watched the first of the but I'm not planning to watch the rest.

Watched Mueller & impeachment hearings and ... nothing of substance happened. Expecting the same here.

Wake me when there are consequences for anyone above the peon level?

californians: oh, the water supply? that's not a concern. do you *see* the size of our economy, bro?

me: do you even watch sci-fi

the next classification system for adult movies that i devise will be called "do me decimal"

we've reached the point in the campaign where my character's primary "contribution" is constant griping about how much Barovia sucks

as the joke goes: pigeons fly upside-down over Barovia because there's nothing worth crapping on

someone tell me to get a good night's rest and stop rage-tweeting so I can present at in the morning and pretend to care about things?

there are dozens of millions of backwards MFs like Mitch McConnell who are not going away and they will stop at nothing to obstruct everything we want, thanks to minoritarian structures that aren't changing. This is not improving in our lifetimes.

the idea of America apparently entailing negotiating our children's safety with credulous death cultists and liberty-fetish Yosemite Sam weirdos

Nowhere is utopia but also I'm no longer sanguine about the idea of America being worth defending.

wild that so many "pro-life" folk consider the second amendment more sacrosanct than... lives?

me to my doctor before a blood draw this morning: "you're in luck: I brought all my blood with me today."

so yes I'm insufferable in every context

If other folk run into difficulty getting past the reCAPTCHA while signing up via the website, I got around that problem by using the (Android) myORCA app.

Isn't it funny that @hudajkhan and I are definitely not the same person?

For my own ego's sake, I'm not reading too much into how easy I find it to play a character with an INT of 6

I don't subscribe to horseshoe theory but, uh, when folk on the left experience extreme frustration and slip into cynicism, what can we do to stave off a further slide into Trumpist burn-it-all nihilism?

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