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im totally not pre-drafting character memories to read aloud when making death saves tomorrow in our party's final battle with Strahd, nope, not me 😬

Putting this in perspective: I have a wonderful life. I live with my loving family in a house that we own in the city we love. I have a dream job with top-notch colleagues. And I also am dealing with some grief about the before times. It'll pass.

Anyhow, I hate you all and more petty abuse will follow but this is a very normal GenX thing so nothing's actually changed.

OK, there's actually a bit of begrudging happening because I'm a terrible, selfish person but I'd never say the publicly so let's keep that between us.

I've got two family members at risk here, so I'm not globetrotting and living on the edge (e.g., eating unmasked in restaurants 😂) like some of you MFs... but I wish I could. And I don't begrudge anyone else for their choices. I would too if I could.

As a 48-year-old person, I know it's true that there's more life in the rearview than ahead, but seeing photos from conferences overseas just a few years ago as we continue to hunker down due to COVID... it for real feels like a full life is a thing of the past.

my faith in humanity is low enough that I can't help but indulge the conspiracy theory that Zelenskyy is a Putin agent

update: "impudent tentacled bastard" is getting massive airplay lately

a tweet that maybe three people will appreciate: TIL Alain Johannes played on Chōzetsu Dynamic

Translation: "Dear families with immunocompromised and at-risk members: hope *your* kids masking around maskless kids is enough to keep you all safe," I guess?

"Some families may have vulnerable household members or have younger siblings who are not yet eligible for vaccination. We will continue to foster a climate of empathy and equity."

This ain't it, @SeaPubSchools

pro tip: if you forward instead of cc, you reduce your carbon footprint

of all the harebrained ideas I've shared on social media, the one I'm most disappointed about going nowhere is "Dinty Fung" (@DintyMoores + @dintaifungusa) collab: beef stew dumplings

can someone please explain how the @OpenRepos in Brisbane was almost five damn years ago

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