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Ay @anarchivist @partly_cloudy, y'all looking forward to Kenjiburgers? We'll prolly pick some up this weekend.

just installed some RAM all by myself and feelin' like the GOAT

swapping out the humbuckers in my SG for single coils AMA

i can't say for sure if J.S. Bach was fond of cauliflower but he did eat baroquely so

was all fired up to talk smack about california nfl teams playing outside their home cities and then remembered i grew up 30mi from the meadowlands

the no wave scene sounds pretty unfriendly if you ask me

never build a building till yr fifty, what kind of life is that

if giuliani winds up getting convicted for his antics at some point and is sentenced to 9-11 years, i will start believing in a higher power

the harmonica is the yellowjacket of musical instruments

glad and grateful I'll be able to attend virtually again this year but dang if I'm not also bummed about missing out on in-person dinners, drinks, and shenanigans

it's not every day you learn that your @code4lib talk proposal was accepted, so it's a good day

get ready, @jeremyfriesen & @ndushay !

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