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"i slick back my hair / you know the devil's in there" is both a great lyric and also makes me wonder what shampoo they use

I'm usually the contrarian who loves all UI changes

I really don't like the new Twitter UI (Android, mobile). At all. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Three years ago today (?!), @badgerbouse did a Bryan Adams impression and it certainly was an impression.

remembering that one time i wrote a larp encounter with an npc named Dann Glenzig and yes he was a complete d-bag

Mariners lose a crucial game but it's a Friday night and I'm smoking a 16lb brisket in the morning soooooo

what is it about opening a new tab that completely wipes the part of my brain responsible for remembering why i opened the tab in the first place?

hi lazyweb

i asked for pork belly but was delivered pork butt instead. anything different than garden-variety BBQ pulled pork you've done with pork butt that you'd recommend?

phew, my kid's test came back negative at least

I get the feeling these "positive case" emails are going to hit our inboxes weekly for however-long-until-most-of-these-kids-get-vaxed

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