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Today is the first consideration date for the two new development positions on my team. Would love to see yr applications in the queue! DM for questions.

I hadn't exposed my chest in public since I was ... 10? No one will accuse me of being an exhibitionist. Except the 10-15 people in the park last night. (Who might have been knocked unconscious by flying buttons, I hope.)

TTW you're on a big swing at the playground w/ the fam and you go for the high jump dismount & through sheer lack of coordination you wind up literally hulking out of your button-down shirt, small button projectiles firing off into the distance as you land, shirt & mouth agape

With apologies for the self-retweet... for anyone who missed it: we welcome applications until our first consideration date of Friday, September 3rd.

here's the leg half-sleeve that the excellent @aottlewski finished in Feb 2020 which i haven't shared since then because something happened right around then @ Seward Park, Seattle

I'm excited to share that my team (Digital Infrastructure) @StanfordLibs is hiring 2 software developers: one backend developer (posted at entry- to journey-level) & one full-stack developer (journey- to senior-level):

Yes, we are remote-friendly.

I don't suppose folks can transcribe any of the text in this manuscript other than "Epitamo"?

Trying to track down an amaro ingredient.

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