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Also, @anarchivist didn't say this, but you'd get to work on Mark's team which is a perk!

See the URL below for more context on these positions.

$1,350 for an admittedly fancy 1br in a new building in New Brunswick, NJ in 2001. I was two years into working full time in library IT, and I could barely afford the place. As it turns out, this was how much I paid (+/- $25) for all subsequent rentals until 2013 in Seattle.

Boosting @effusivelynerdy's announcement about *three* software developer openings on her team. Check out the thread for context, and stay tuned for more details next week.

Interested in working for @DigitalLib? Consider applying!

look all im saying is when the tiki bartender showed up at the swinging party of course they asked "where's the orgeat"

For every like, I'll give a simple-minded opinion from my party-mate to @badgerbouse: a goofy goliath barbarian and former who is training to be a minstrel.

so like the moral arc of the universe bending towards justice... maybe can it bend a little faster

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