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While I'm unhappy @ these changes, I know SPS was put in an impossible situation and they likely did the best they could given the available information and constraints.

Silver lining: at least the disruption is only for ~8 weeks, and my kiddos appear to have taken it in stride.

While I'm disappointed in the changes, and I'm finding it difficult not to side-eye all these other parents, I have to believe that so many folks opted in because they're in a tougher situation than we are (easy to believe bc I/we are both privileged and fortunate).

The bell schedule is changing so extracurricular activities, e.g., Girl Scouts, are being rescheduled.

A ripple effect of this is that we now also need to reschedule recurring (medical, etc.) appointments.

Both my kids are losing the teachers they've had since September, because they will teach hybrid classes, and may likely have entirely new classmates (again, with ~8 weeks remaining in the school year).

58% of surveyees (SPS parents) opted in to hybrid learning for the final 8 weeks of the school year.

Now that we know more, I'm even less happy about this than I was last week.

Here's what this means for my family.

Other costs that might not be obvious:

1. We have no idea how many are opting into on-site learning, thus no idea if kids will stay w their teachers/classes;
2. Teachers aren't teaching M-W of next week to prep for the change;
3. Bell schedule changes on M: 8am vs. 8:30am start

imagine looking at the rollout of vaccines in WA---slow, in my estimation, judging by other states---and ☝ incidence data and thinking, "yeah, let's jerk teachers and parents around in order to bring half the kids back for four half-days a week for the final 8 weeks of the year"

meanwhile, SPS is rushing to get (some) kids back in schools (part-time) for the final 6-8 weeks of the school year.

are they optimizing for disruptive potential, public health risk, or what?

It's not every day work looks like sitting on a zoom meeting listening to other people do karaoke, but welp. (We call this "community support!")

Missing today, and a bit of tomorrow, to attend a tech leadership program workshop (going through MPOW's version of ITLP this year).

Looking forward to the workshop but it just feels wroooong to miss even part of .

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