As we learn more about variants, such as the , I am questioning the wisdom of putting kids back in school in September.

I hate typing this.

I know this sentiment and perhaps even these words have been shared thousands of times but I'll add my voice to the chorus:

when we said we wanted to see earth's billionaires launched into space... this is not what we had in mind

what is it about the innocuous neologism, "individual contributor," that leaves such a bad taste in my mouth?

if one wanted to get a finger on the pulse of scholarly communication ()---to track trends, movements, the state of the art, etc.---how might one do that in 2021?

@platypus also re: having a 20 STR, this character has a 6 INT... which may explain why he attempted to grapple a freaking dragon in the first place

@platypus this happened in a memory mirror world pocket dimension thing, so the rules were probably lax, but it didn't hurt that both rounds I rolled a natural 20 on the Athletics check (which my character has a +8 thanks to being incredibly strong as a goliath barbarian). and the dragon rolled just under my 28 each time.

i am fully exhausted by work and everythign this week but also buoyed by successfully grappling a dragon for two rounds in last night

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