We have also started to see evidence of some @samverarepo Partners drifting away from the community, some disengaging altogether, and others who no longer use any of the shared tooling. (9/15)

Since that time, some really inspiring work has happened to maintain the software we've written and to come up with more flexible ways to integrate with platforms such as Fedora & Postgres (Valkyrie), and yet, there remain very few production implementations based on it. (8/15)

Furthermore, we really struggled with the move from Fedora 3->4. We got through it somewhat unscathed because of our community orientation and our common bonds, as designed, but the community is still grappling with some of the shared software's tight coupling to Fedora. (7/15)

While I might've pushed back if someone claimed that @samverarepo was merely a set of Ruby/Rails projects or a Fedora-adjacent community, I can't deny that we put a *lot* of time and effort towards building and designing software we could all use at that time. (6/15)

Now I want to make an observation that maybe fellow @samverarepo folk share, or maybe they don't share, and that is this: despite the community-first messaging, for the first decade of its existence (2009-2018-ish?), the community largely used the same tooling. (5/15)

I've always thought this a wise choice. We endeavor to "stay together" despite radical technology shifts, and we want to be open to innovation and changes in direction. (4/15)

The @samverarepo community has been clear in its messaging for years that we are a *community* first and foremost. What this means: what binds us is our mission and our collaborative approach to problem-solving, not our technology choices, not our solution stacks. (3/15)

Wild to see all these pro-lifers suddenly embracing pro-choice... about masking... which itself... is pro-life. t.co/RdkwiwfNTF

ngl, when i heard about the nasa moon announcement, i spent the next half-hour watching mr. show clips

no regrets

me: i probably should wait until our next "down week" in january to upgrade to ubuntu 20.04


Today's parenting lesson: "I hope you never have to throw a punch, ever, but if you do, knock the sumbitch out cold."

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