A pristine fretless for sale in the area... I'd love for this to find a home! (Formerly mine.) Plays like a dream and good as new. t.co/bDvN8cFE2x

if we met at a cocktail party (haha what are those) and started talking about role-playing games and you had five minutes to tell me about your favorite character that you have played, who would it be and why?

i have not yet unsubscribed from linkedin email notifications bc i like to pretend they are trolling me




the only great thing about this hearing is whenever i hear someone say "bill barr" i like to pretend a pirate is addressing a hobbit

The low point of the Seattle Kraken buzz is all the "Krak-house" and "Krak-head" jokes.

Not funny.

Stop. Just... No.

* We are future-oriented innovators and long-term thinkers providing world-class expert services.

* We are Stanford Libraries.

* We recognize the inequities of the past and present, striving to learn, grow, and act in fair and equitable ways.

* We value and protect privacy for our community and ourselves.

* We let our actions speak for us, and prioritize product over process.

* We cultivate mutual respect; everyone has much to contribute and to learn.

* We are driven by integrity, trust, creativity, and openness.

* We celebrate diversity and act against racism, sexism, or social discrimination of any kind. t.co/m9DvNpVP8D

Good thread re: erasing culture by referring to dishes in novel, faux-descriptive ways under the guise of SEO. t.co/qdLo80YGNF

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