Is qanon that much less credible than any other religion?

am I misreading this

it seems to suggest folks with one or more boosters have a higher case rate per 100K residents? 😖

I can't express exactly how thrilling I find the challenge of writing good commit messages. It shouldn't feel this rewarding and yet it does.

TIL it doesn't take very much for me to wish the J6 mob were just a *bit* more successful than they were. I've clearly got to fix my brain. 😬

is it more embarrassing to be american or the subject of a monarchy nowadays

does taco tuesday imply the presence of waco wednesday and thac0 thursday

can tell it's near the end of the day because someone typed "hung robot workers" in $MPOW chat and I kept wondering about fanfic possibilities

my family:

me: let me tell you all about what Julio Rodriguez did *today*

someone in a Marvel subreddit innocently asserts the children in a TV show are real and here's this a-hole using it as an opportunity to enter a Socratic dialogue about the nature of reality and yes the a-hole is me of course

nearly felt a feeling a minute ago and it was terrifying

how do non-genxers live

Getting lots of mileage out of "Turn off notifications for replies"

I miss the days when the only super-spreader we needed to worry about was that guy on the train

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