does taco tuesday imply the presence of waco wednesday and thac0 thursday

can tell it's near the end of the day because someone typed "hung robot workers" in $MPOW chat and I kept wondering about fanfic possibilities

my family:

me: let me tell you all about what Julio Rodriguez did *today*

someone in a Marvel subreddit innocently asserts the children in a TV show are real and here's this a-hole using it as an opportunity to enter a Socratic dialogue about the nature of reality and yes the a-hole is me of course

nearly felt a feeling a minute ago and it was terrifying

how do non-genxers live

Getting lots of mileage out of "Turn off notifications for replies"

I miss the days when the only super-spreader we needed to worry about was that guy on the train

The racism inherent in my high school history teacher including the word "white" in this descriptor was lost on me for a few moments. In retrospect, wooow.

I watched the first of the but I'm not planning to watch the rest.

Watched Mueller & impeachment hearings and ... nothing of substance happened. Expecting the same here.

Wake me when there are consequences for anyone above the peon level?

californians: oh, the water supply? that's not a concern. do you *see* the size of our economy, bro?

me: do you even watch sci-fi

the next classification system for adult movies that i devise will be called "do me decimal"

we've reached the point in the campaign where my character's primary "contribution" is constant griping about how much Barovia sucks

as the joke goes: pigeons fly upside-down over Barovia because there's nothing worth crapping on

someone tell me to get a good night's rest and stop rage-tweeting so I can present at in the morning and pretend to care about things?

there are dozens of millions of backwards MFs like Mitch McConnell who are not going away and they will stop at nothing to obstruct everything we want, thanks to minoritarian structures that aren't changing. This is not improving in our lifetimes.

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