the world is such a flaming garbage heap that I like to imagine that by the time I am very old---if I am fortunate enough to make it that far---i will absolutely welcome death with open arms

TIL about bat, when someone screensharing displayed a YAML file in their terminal. It's quite a bit more pleasing and informative than cat.

I am hopeful about this new generation of command line tools like xsv that are coming out of the Rust community.

northern flickers and steller's jays really jockeying for position on the neighbors' TV aerial

glad *someone* has energy on this chilly, grey Monday

i want to deliver a code4lib keynote where i slowly read the names of botanicals in my amaro ingredient box

Oh, uh, I kinda forgot about this account the past 6+ month so apologies about no replies but here I am again.

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