this generation of kids is going to have a much stronger sense of why it's a bad idea to pick your nose in public

Uh, end of thread, I guess, unless people have questions. I want to eat breakfast now. 🍡

I briefly entertained expanding the diagram to add Blacklight but I'm fresh out of juice. In the spirit of @BArmintor, I'll attempt a textual version.

With a touch of Hyralkyrizing Valkyrax, yes.

I don't get what is confusing about our terminology...

Did my best to untangle/relate Samvera, Hydra, Sufia, Hyrax, Hyku, Hydra-in-a-Box, and Fedora. (Also threw in some Valkyrie goodness.)

does anyone know the name of the first (post-@HydraSphere) @samverarepo application, and can we please rename it "primavera"

i know its been said a zillion times already but "save the world by staying in your house and sitting on your arse" proves there is a god who still smiles upon genxers

we are riding off into the sunset on our trusted la-z-boy mounts



here's how it goes

old people and sick people are less important than the economy

babies are more important than women

killing prisoners is consistent with a pro-life stance

this is consistent with Christian morality

this is perfectly conservative

party of principles!

Now we finally understand what happened during Trump's poorly attended inauguration: MAGAs were simply practicing social distancing!


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