Related to the thread below and my presentation, my team @DigitalLib recently approved and published our "first responder" model for maintaining production software:

Big ups to @ndushay and John Martin for taking the lead on this!

"I'm a tree-climbing chipmunk with a cheek full of acorn"

is how I imagine the Stooges' SEARCH & DESTROY would start if written by Alvin, Simon, and Theodore

Our independence and our audacious national spirit *should* inspire us to greatness: equal rights for all people, a focus on equity and opportunity for less advantaged populations, and determination that no American be denied access to the American dream.

We have made great strides as a nation---often through the brave efforts of the least advantaged among us---for sure, but our legacy looms large and reminds us of how much farther we have to go.

What we face now is pernicious, hiding in plain sight---unless you are, e.g., a black or brown person in which case it's in your face all the time and you cannot pretend the legacy is some historical artifact.

This isn't limited to the past: our legacy reaches forward through time, manifesting as unconscious and institutional bias, as unearned advantage for white folks and male folks and straight folks.

the internment of over 100,000 Japanese Americans in concentration camps; and fundamental denial of rights to people who weren't fortunate enough to be born white and male and Christian and physically able and heterosexual and cisgender.

A legacy which includes displacement and inhumane treatment of indigenous peoples; kidnapping hundreds of thousands of Africans and forcing them to form the backbone of our economy;

As we Americans celebrate and reflect on our independence, I also want to reflect on the legacy thereof.

here we go again about becoming a 501(c)(3) or something

i think it should incorporate as a crossfit gym bc everytime i do something in i sweat and ache

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