I used to love when fellow insert-OSS-community-here partners would ask me when such-and-such would be done. Cue me raising my eyebrows and asking them the same question in return. t.co/JXMc0uBq00

I've had my ears pierced for all of five days and I'm already googling how long I should wait before moving to a larger gauge πŸ™„

calling 911 because i have had a huey lewis & the news song stuck in my head for weeks

Lyft driver tonight must think the point of a speed bump is to speed over it. Logical, really. They aren't called slow bumps.

so how long after getting one's ears pierced do you stop feeling like there's a stray hair or a spider tickling your earlobe and then flailing like a loon only to tug on your sore earlobe

If Rudy Giuliani were a gymnastics scoring judge, how often would he award a gymnast nine out of eleven points?

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