watching PTA conversations unfold gives me uncomfortable flashbacks to being an open-source maintainer

Does your employer or your team at work have a peer recognition program in place (however informal or formal)? If so, I want to hear about it. Thx.

(it is not lost on me that the nihilism underlying Trumpism is contributing greatly to erosion of trust in institutions, and destruction of some sources of hope, and what I am asking above puts me on a path straight to nihilism. it is unsettling.)

I know I'm (stylishly) late to the party but... is it that all for-profit institutions are inherently corrupt? Or all institutions in a capitalist economy? Or just all human institutions ever? πŸ˜…πŸ˜“πŸ˜°

Retracted my lightning talk bc I don't have time to get it ready, but it's basically the last 2m of my talk. Summarized:

Prioritize maintaining your repositories as a bulwark against regimes & institutions that use epistemological terrorist tactics. K?

it's adorable how we pretend sports events are so hallowed that they are somehow above or beyond politics

Hey there, @archivetype. Are you still maintaining the timetwister gem? We're using it at @DigitalLib for the @DigiLibraryME project and I might like to toss some updates at it. Open to collaborate (review PRs, add maintainers, etc.)?

I am encountering this as well, and have been for the past few months (on @AlaskaAir). Still no fix or workaround that I have been able to confirm. Very frustrating when I'm traveling for work.

Is @Gogo looking into this? Do others know of any tricks?

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