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A pro-Cornyn Super PAC is using a photo of my tattoos to make me seem "radical." That's pretty funny to me.

You think I'm ashamed of them? They cover my shrapnel wounds from when my helicopter was shot down. They're a mark of my service to our country. I'm damn proud of them.

Hey @jambina you got a wall available?
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my friend built his kid a climbing wall to get him to stop climbing furniture and it only made the tot more powerful

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When philosophy professor Nicholas Sturgeon died, his obituary called on friends to honor his memory by "rescuing our democracy from fascism." But opposing fascism didn't meet @nytimes' "acceptability standards."

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Last week I explained my research using juggling @OxfordMedSci DPhil Slam. When I won that round I explained how I almost dropped out last minute because a porter at @StJohnsOx had died. I decided to dedicate my performance to him. Today was his funeral. This is for you, Sid. RIP

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2020, @nbcthegoodplace style. This is my greatest work to date.

Hey @mjgiarlo
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1/ All masks are not the same, and it's hard to tell which ones work better, but this article provides some insights.

First, "paper" surgical masks are really very very good.
advances.sciencemag.org/conten t.co/LlxL7nm42m

I can't believe this stupid, sexist, irrelevant, stupid “study” was even considered for publication, but here we are. As for professionalism – physicians, heal thyselves.
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So this study was published shaming physicians for being “unprofessional” by wearing bikinis or holding a beer in a photo? And the study was conducted by 3 men who created fake social media accounts to spy on applicants?

This “study” must be…

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Just in case you haven’t seen a bird flying around with a shark that it just plucked out of the ocean...

LOL the guy who claimed I could never win against “facts and logic” just turned around and blocked me. How's *that* for "facts and logic"?

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Beautiful 🛰❤️🌎
Chesapeake Bay
and Delmarva front and center from the International Space Station

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The React Core team is joining the Facebook employee walkout in solidarity with the Black community.

Facebookʼs recent decision to not act on posts that incite violence ignores other options to keep our community safe. We implore the Facebook leadership to .

Every business: “We understand the need for precautions, and we're doing everything we can to continue to provide [product/service] while ensuring that our employees and customers remain safe.”

@Fritolay @Tostitos: “Are you a disgusting germ spreader? We've got your back.”

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Not cool @ASOS_HeretoHelp    asos.com/asos-design/asos-desi  If you're going to use languages as graphic designs on fashion, at least take the time to figure out which language it is.

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Tonight's Supermoon off of Navy Pier over Chicago Harbor Lighthouse

This is the best WTF employment rejection ever.
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What does this even mean

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Hey now let’s not blame @thekjohnston@twitter.com

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