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🔖 Slides from "Lessons From the Fifty-Year Quest to Turn Programmers into Software Engineers" by Adam Barr, Software Consultant, Crosslake Technologies


Local bakery made sourdough bread with almond butter and strawberry jam paired with a cup of Green Mountain hazelnut coffee with a caramel NutPods creamer.

I'm feeling decadent!

🔖 "The 'Lost Forty': how a mapping error preserved an old-growth forest"

"A 19th-century surveying mistake kept lumberjacks away from what is now Minnesota's largest patch of old-growth trees."

Story from May 2021.

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I wonder how much damage the cliche that "a good developer is a lazy developer" has caused to our profession.

I understand where it comes from but it sends us in the wrong direction, there is nothing quick and cheap about good software systems. They take time, the need to be carefully though out, and as Ruth mentioned a few days ago well maintained.

🔖 CSS Fingerprint

"CSS Fingerprinting is a technique of tracking and gathering information on site visitors. This method exploits the nature of CSS to track various characteristics about the visitor's browser and device, which can later be used to either identify or track said visitor."

via @dsalo

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in the past 6 months bitcoin has lost a full 50% of its value against the dollar, but yeah, remind me again how its a great hedge against inflation

"...Which is exactly backwards, which I shouldn't do because I'm supposed to be a pro, but I fail all the time. [Laughing] Sorry, we'll be right back."

-- Rachel Maddow

That was a nice normalization of making mistakes (which we all do) from TV just now...

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How AI can identify people even in anonymized datasets
Weekly social interactions form unique signatures that make people stand out

This is why I consider myself pseudonymous. Also, no doubt the NSA have been using AIs like this for a while. They aren’t supposed to spy domestically, but probably wouldn’t stop the FBI or other law enforcement agencies from using them. Sure would be nice if they used it for good like finding Jan 6 participants.

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This letter from Apple employees to their leadership counters all the points which Cook et al are using to insist on moving back to the office so well.

#food #vegan 

"Imitation vegan jerky"


I want *real* vegan jerky.

Is "imitation vegan jerky" animal derived or what?



Pet peeve: t-shirts w/ stretched out necks.

I used to have to watch my shirts because Christy would wear them and intentionally stretch them out (she likes a looser neck on her shirts).

Now it seems manufacturers are just starting to make t-shirts with loose necks. Grr.

I'm sending back the next t-shirt I order that arrives with a loose neck (regardless of how much I like the design).

It's so common now (along with very lightweight cottons). I need to find a source for good t-shirts.

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I published a simple papertoy the other day. Been getting into building these paper models recently, and this is the first one I have designed myself.

I designed the model in Blender then unfolded the mesh in a Mac app called Unfolder. Then I edited the flattened shape in Sketch adding colours, and decorations.

#papertoy #papercraft #blender

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