More than half our development and dev support teams plan to be 100% remote even after COVID restrictions have been lifted. The remaining will be remote 3-4 days a week.

MPOW has always been remote-friendly, but I think we've turned a corner on this. As a long time 100% remote worker, it's nice to see!

New adventures: We're moving from scrum to kanban at MPOW. Today, a colleague shared this article on Slack, which sums up our reasons for the move pretty well.

So, MPOW, which is mostly a RHEL shop, just recently decided on CentOS as our container platform. Thankfully, we haven't migrated any of the Ubuntu containers that our "early adopters" have been using yet. That would have been a lot of wasted work. I'm curious where the powers that be expect we'll go now. I don't expect we'll hear any more on the matter until the new year though.

The software development team at my place of work has "learning Fridays" where we're encouraged to spend our Fridays learning about new tech, experimenting, or reading relevant books.

With all the chaos in the world right now, it's a respite... downright restorative.

In our last sprint, one of our programmers, when asked how he was doing, said: "I hate life."

Everyone laughed.

Why? Because all programmers understand and know that feeling at one point or another.

Another teleworking site my boss just shared:

It also has a list of articles that remote-only companies have published about their cultures. is a GLAM-themed Mastodon Instance.