@ksclarke hey this sounds familiar! I really enjoyed hanging out and working alongside with you virtually a few times, maybe we should get a Jitsi Meet going?

@dbs I know! I did too. :-) I also tried to get this going at MPOW (with our zoom) but didn't get much interest.

I'd be interested in giving it a go with jitsi. Want to try this week?

@ksclarke Yes! Annual report deadline is approaching rapidly and I could use some accountability to actually focus on the data entry required prior to writing that report.

I'm available the mornings of Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday if any of that works for you.

@dbs Let's try Thursday. How about 10 AM?

Tuesday would also normally be a good time for me, but this week it's being interrupted by other activities.

@ksclarke Sounds great! I'll send you an invite by DM.

Oh yeah and 10:00 AM EDT right?

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