I've been using Mastodon for over four years now, but I'm learning SO MUCH in the recent flurry of new, and returning, users (and all the tips that people are sharing with them). I feel like I've "gained a level" learning about ways to improve my use of the software and platform... from best practices like cased tags, to the availability of RSS feeds, to unlisted posts as a way to keep the stream cleaner. It's been great, folks... thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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@ksclarke These are all new to me! Any particular link or links you'd share? I could stand to level up.

@mjgiarlo It's mostly just been individual toots with people sharing tips, but I think many of them have been using the and tags(?)

@baslow I have seen many folks using and tags. with its upcasing may be more useful and specific though... good idea.

Yes, #feditips is valuable for pointing out the larger Fediverse of which Mastodon is a part and with which it federates... but I think people should be able to search for Mastodon-specific help.

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