It's always interesting to see the variations in code from people who don't use an IDE (that normalizes your spacing, wrapping, etc.)

e.g., "Why did you put spaces inside these parentheses and not these?"

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@ksclarke As a vim user, I'm thankful for tools like gofmt (for golang) and black (for python) that autoformats & normalizes code for you

@dbs Ah, a Black user... how do you like it? We're just about to standardize on a Python formatter and, not being big Python devs, were wondering about Black vs. PyLint.

@ksclarke Happy to use it. We adopted it out-of-the-box for pymarc. It stops arguments about formatting conventions; I've wasted too much of my life in those conversations. There are choices I might not agree with personally but the overall win is worth it.

I used pylint for myself for years, and like the gamification / scoring aspect, but the onus is on you to reformat/refactor your code.

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