"Looking back over life
Spent the most of it tongue tied
Pullin’ my belt tight
Just me and the stars tonight"



"The Atlantic: The Next Vaping"

It's an interesting story to me.

I'd like them to do some research on plant (instead of liquid) vaporizing (i.e., _how much_ less harmful is not combusting it?)

For this particular product though, it boils down, to me, to the fact that tobacco contains nicotine and nicotine is physically addictive. It's hard as frak to kick (speaking from personal experience). The lesson there, IMHO, is it's better not to start.


Looking forward to binging tonight on Prime! It reminds me a bit of when the Syfy channel was still the SciFi channel and I had a sci-fi binge every friday night. Tonight's will include fresh, sourdough crust pizza.

So Keybase has stopped the Stellar Space Drop due to the hordes of spam accounts that flooded the network in search of free money. Hopefully, that will be enough to get the people who flooded the network with bogus accounts to move on.

It would be ironic if the very thing that was intended to grow Keybase (I'm assuming) ended up killing it.


Watching a presentation on the types of video cleanup the UCLA Film and Television Archive does.

They're merging with the UCLA Library. It seems like a great pairing: two efforts working to preserve our cultural heritage that will, in the future, collaborate to further the work that they do.

Exciting times!


Mmm, Caitlin made vegan chocolate chip cookies. I hope when she goes away to college in January that she'll send me care packages filled with vegan cookies.

I know it's supposed to be the other way around, but she's a much better cookie maker than I am. I'll send her loaves of sourdough in exchange.

Tis the season to remove myself from mailing lists... fa la-la la-la, la-la la la.

It's very convenient for everyone who has added me to a mailing list over the past year to email me all within the scope of a single month. It makes the cleanup much easier!

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Not science fiction: Cliff Lynch notes at that there are agencies/institutions that are archiving encrypted internet flows and files right now, so that when quantum computing unlocks today’s encryption, they can go back and decrypt all of the older traffic/files. (!)

Okay, I'm going to be a bit of a fanboy for a second, but I got to hear Tim Bray speak today (on event-based architectures... something I'm already sold on).

I got my first professional programming job in 2000, working with XML as my primary focus, so hearing him speak in person these many years later was a real treat.

I guess he probably speaks at all the time since he's worked for Amazon for awhile, but this is my first year attending so forgive me for just a moment while I swoon.

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Also remember: It's not consent if you really don't have a choice. You don't need to 'consent' to capitalism in order to take a job, if without said job you would starve or freeze to death.

That's coercion you're talking about.

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My favorite favorite schwag thing from the conference. We got an early preview of the season four opener too. Looks like it's going to be a good season!

Surprisingly, Amazon severely underestimated the level of interest there would be in watching the episode. It was standing room only for hours. There were some beanbags, but they were filled an hour before the show started.

I'm an old man. I ache.

An interesting find from Re:Invent: github.com/alexcasalboni/aws-l

It runs your Lambda function against all possible configurations to see which configuration is the best for you (depending on whether you care most about 1) speed, 2) cost, or 3) are looking for the best compromise between the two).

I definitely want to run our Kakadu converter function through it, as I suspect (without evidence) that giving it more resources might make it cheaper (and faster, obviously) to run.

Weird. Sitting in a room that has three different presenters on three different topics. The audiences are plugged into headsets to hear their particular speaker.

I'm wondering if it's weird for the speakers, who can probably hear the other presenters talking alongside their own voice.

In Vegas at The Mirage and the hotel room has a tiny little TV. It's almost like they don't want you to stay in your hotel room or something.

Also, I paid $7.25 for a grande latte this morning. Ouch!

It's probably been six months since I made bread, but yesterday (and last night) I made four loaves of sourdough for us to take to Thanksgiving. Well, okay, three, because we just cut into one.

Mmmm, it has a nice sour taste. I've been feeding the mother consistently for the past week or so and it's paid off, I think. Delicious!

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