"Elizabeth Warren’s anti-corruption plan: her first priority if elected."

100% agree money in politics is the first problem we have to fix. Nothing else can be fixed until we fix this.


Keybase.io starts giving out cryptocurrency and here come the spammers. I've been using Keybase for awhile, but have just gotten my first three spammers. Looking around, I see they do have a way to block users. I guess I'll be using that now.

On the upside... $20 worth of XLM in the spacedrop.

In our last sprint, one of our programmers, when asked how he was doing, said: "I hate life."

Everyone laughed.

Why? Because all programmers understand and know that feeling at one point or another.

They had a "code red" at the high school today. It was my sophomore's first experience with a lockdown (although she did have one bomb threat in middle school, where they evacuated all the kids).

My eldest, not off to college yet, spent the time while we waited for them to lift the lockdown regaling me with all the stories of her lockdowns from high school (which I remember her being a bit more frightened of while they were happening).

It was not good for my parental anxiety.

Has there ever been a question about veganism in a national presidential debate before?

Booker, a vegan, just got that question.

Most people (voters) aren't vegan and probably aren't too sympathetic to vegans' beliefs. How you respond to a question, where you're on the side of the minority, probably says a lot about what type of leader you'll be.

I think the question took him by surprise.

There was a lot of talk on the TV last night about how the District 9 NC House race was so close. District 9 has been a Republican stronghold since 1963. Some posited that the Democrats only came so close because they ran a moderate candidate.

WataugaWatch (a local political blog) has a different take: blog.wataugawatch.net/2019/09/

The decrease in Democratic turnout is interesting.

North Carolina politics is such a shit show.

Today the Republicans in the House told the Democrats, and the media, that there would be no votes taken. As a result, the Democrats went to 9/11 events while, surprise(!), the Republicans showed up for a early morning vote on the vetoed budget.

They had been unable to override the Governor's veto of their budget with Democrats in attendance so they arranged it so that there would be no opposition at the time of the vote.


"The Psychology of Speciesism: How We Privilege Certain Animals Over Others"

Something when I have a little more mental space.


True story: I'm about 90% sure my correct pronunciation facilitated my hiring at AppState many years ago. Why do I think this? It was an unofficial interview question when the hiring committee took me out to dinner. One of them, who wasn't in favor of hiring me (I later learned), commented that "at least" I pronounced it correctly. Whew.

"I'm only cutting up cayennes to dry... no need to wear gloves."

A day later... googles best remedy for "pepper hands" after cutting up the cayennes, purple ufos and tiny thai peppers bare-handed (and paying for it since). Soap just isn't cutting it.

I've been getting it in my eyes for the past 10 hours.


"As plantations talk more honestly about slavery, some visitors are pushing back."

How do you talk about a plantation and _not_ talk about slavery? Talk about an elephant in the room.


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Sometimes people cover mediocre songs and make them a lot better. Rarely though do I ever hear a cover of a great song that I think does the original justice.

For the Turnstiles, by Neil Young, is a great song. Everything about it hits me in the gut.

For the Turnstiles by The Be Good Tanyas is that rare, rare, rare case where someone covers a great song and does it justice. It's as good as the original, if not better (are there shades of perfection?)


Google Plus has been dead awhile now and, after trying several platforms, I guess I've finally landed on Mastodon as my social home. I'm not nearly as active as I was on Plus, but it's what I keep coming back to as the place that feels the most natural. I'll have to explore the API some time to learn how I can pull out bookmarked links, etc.

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