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"Libraries stand for an ideal, which is an educated public. And to the degree that knowledge is power, they also stand there for the idea that power should be disseminated and not centralized." -- Lewis Hyde

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HDR triptych of the three main phases of the lunar eclipse.

Nikon D750 on a 6" f/4 TPO Newtonian

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in my machine version, a small meter reads 0-5. It starts at 5, and each time you pull its chain, the number goes down by 1. The number is only replenished by waiting. It goes up every 4.8 (24/5) hours, so you get 5 "spoons" a day.

Here it is seen before and after some weathering. I want this machine to reflect both the durability of the spoon theory idea, as well as the hard-earned experience of those practicing it.

#MastoArt #interactive #sculpture #ElectronicsCreators

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Lesson learned: Turn off Brave's Shields feature any time a browser activity is important and time-limited.

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I'm kind of irritated that Brave's browser blocked my Turing Pi 2 Kickstarter order this morning. I was right there for the early-early batch, but the cc payment just hung in the browser.

By the time I re-tried the purchase (hoping I wouldn't be charged twice), all the early-early slots were gone. I could buy-in now at the current level, but I'm thinking I should just wait for the public release at this point.

Perhaps it was the money gods telling me not to be so impulsive with my purchases.

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Personally I love the smell of incense when #meditating.

But there is increasing evidence of the negative health effects of prolonged exposure.

#zen #meditation #health #mindfulness

A I wrote long ago:

I found once
a gold painted,
peeled plaster
that I saved
for no other
than the hole
(rubbed through)
in his belly
(worn out)
that convinced
he was a man
for whom
did not come


Posting because someone in my stream posted "My Cracked Wooden Bowl" by Ryokan, and it reminded me of the above.

Not that I think I compare to Ryokan, but the theme of worn / damaged objects resonates with me...

Silver lining: I can try to fix up the second "contact" position in my walk cycle. It was looking a little wonky.

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So, I've started learning how to animate. I've been working in Blender and came up with a workflow that works for me. So, tonight I started to pull all the pieces together and got about 40 frames in when my laptop died. The power cord had come out without me noticing.

I don't see any autosave file(s).

No, I hadn't saved it.

Did I ever tell you the story of how I lost my master's paper to a disk crash? I didn't have a backup then either. Some people only learn the hard way.

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Deezer has a "Sleep and Relax ASMR" podcast that has a "The Quiet Library" episode: it's just a recording in an academic library with people walking around, typing, whispering, etc.

I'm thinking, since I work from home these days, I could just play this on loop to reproduce the atmosphere of my old work space environment. 😆

🔖 "About those kill-switched Ukrainian tractors: What John Deere did to Russian looters, anyone can do to farmers, anywhere."

via @dltj

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Astronomers show us the first-ever picture of the black hole at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy:

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