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Now that ReMarkable has gone subscription, it's time to look at other e-ink notepads. Any input? I want good responsiveness, a backlight, and no BS.

Boox Nova Air is an early frontrunner but I've heard concerns about them violating open-source licensing.

Any input from the e-ink set? Boosts welcome.

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🔖 [bash script using FFmpeg for turning a video file into a] gif | Ed Summers’ blog inkdroid.org/2021/10/21/gif/

I'm not a huge fan of green teas, but I am a fan of Earl Grey teas, and I've just found out there is such a thing as Earl Grey green tea, which is actually pretty good!

My first batch was from VAHDAM teas, but I might try some cheaper brands, too, now that I know about the option.

Recommendations welcome!


I was surprised to learn, yesterday, that Krispy Kreme is available on the West Coast now! I still think of them as a regional thing (though Wikipedia tells me they are worldwide -- I've been out of touch).

I think it's only fair that y'all should share some of those vegan Voodoo Doughnuts with us East Coasters, now.

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Fall: the time of year where I have to sign up for a work provided health insurance plan knowing I'll pay much more than my colleagues because I work out of state... all the time wishing we could get universal health care passed in this country so I could save lots of money.

One day?

Wow... our library's entire infrastructure has been down all day.

It turns out, if you configure your VMWare infrastructure to use DNS for its configuration, it's a bad idea to put your DNS server in your VMWare infrastructure.

Hoping to see a post-mortem on this. I'm not ops, but I'm sure it would be educational. I know the ops people are scrambling. Apparently there was no rollback / quick recovery option in place.

Woot, woot! The next in line, in the family, to get her driver's license. 🎉


This was shared this morning on MPOW Slack:

"NSA/CISA just released a short doc discussing Best Practices for VPN's. We've seen most of it before, but what stood out for me was a strong recommendation to use only IPSec, and to avoid TLS and SSL.


To the best of my knowledge, there's no known compromises of current TLS and SSL versions, so the fact that the Feds recommend they be avoided speaks volumes. What is it they know that we don't?"



And they charged me the full price anyway. Saw the charge on my card and called them right back. They're fixing. He forgot to add the "discount" when he charged me.


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Called the dealership to get a price quote on a throttle body for a Honda Element: $637. Called back two days later and they asked me if I was with a shop. No? $840. Uh, no. I want that first price you quoted me.

He decided he could "let me have it" for the first price. It's already priced higher than I could get through one of the discount parts stores online. And, no, I don't expect it to arrive any time soon with all the supply chain issues (but that's why I'm going to the dealership).

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Augh, that guy, who after a mechanic has told you the actual part that needs to be replaced, tells you you just need a little 44K in the tank and to run the engine at high speed. And, that he'd be glad to do it for you... that he's done it four times and it's solved "the problem" every time.

Men are idiots sometimes.

"Johns Hopkins researchers find thousands of unknown chemicals in electronic cigarettes"


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🔖 Statement on Using Controlled Digital Lending as a Mechanism for Interlibrary Loan | Controlled Digital Lending by Libraries controlleddigitallending.org/i

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🔖 Hurl - Run and Test HTTP Requests: a command line tool that runs HTTP requests defined in a simple plain text format hurl.dev/

Multi-core Maven builds that also don't have the cost of the JVM startup for each build?

Yes, please.

From the story on HN:


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