According to an online survey I'm a True Neutral.

I was wondering because my wife talks about what a rule follower I am. I don't have a blind obedience to leaders though (and may even have a rebellious streak). Admittedly, I do like guidelines for navigating my way through life. I also do think I have principles (counter to the definition of a True Neutral). Maybe I just don't act on them enough?

"For the 5th year, Comic-Con International and San Diego Public Library will be presenting the Comic Conference for Educators and Librarians (CCEL), a free-to-attend conference that will take place during San Diego Comic-Con at the nearby San Diego Central Library from July 22 - 26."

Proposal acceptance (see link below) comes with a complimentary 4-day San Diego Comic-Con 2020 professional badge and a free guest badge.

"Terry Jones, 'Monty Python' star, dead at 77"

John Cleese said "it feels strange that a man of so many talents and such endless enthusiasm, should have faded so gently away."

The reimbursement paperwork associated with work travel really makes me just not want to travel at all.

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KOReader self-hosted sync server!

You've got my attention now KOReader

Now if I could figure out where the fuck the series info might be found... If I can sort that part I may give this a proper shake down.
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Hey #MozillaLifeboat !

The Wikimedia Foundation is hiring! Specifically my team!

Are you a software engineer who cares deeply about CI/CD, code review, and development environments? Apply to work with the Release Engineering team (a part of our Engineering Productivity team) at the Wikimedia Foundation!

See the rest of our jobs as well:

"Poultry To Plant-Based: Animal Farmers Are Now Working With Vegans To Get Out Of The Meat Business"

This story is the definition of win-win: it's about animal advocacy organizations helping animal agriculture farmers, who are dissatisfied with the way the industry has treated them, transition to hemp farming.

I like the advocacy organizations' pragmatic approach.

"The Forgotten Art of Squatting Is a Revelation for Bodies Ruined by Sitting"

"Amazon says uninstall Honey, which PayPal just paid $4 million for"

Funny that this was only given one line: "It also has a competing discount plug-in."

Amazon is warning users about a plug-in that does the exact same thing that its plug-ins does. "The competition is evil but we have your best interests in mind."

"A former health insurance industry spin doctor just shattered the 'choice in healthcare' myth."

This. As a remote worker, I'd have much more "choice" with a Medicare for All plan.

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