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"Libraries stand for an ideal, which is an educated public. And to the degree that knowledge is power, they also stand there for the idea that power should be disseminated and not centralized." -- Lewis Hyde

"Jareh Sebastian Dalke, former NSA employee from Colorado, charged with trying to send classified documents to Russia"

So, I was in Denver in the room at Union Station as the FBI took down this guy. They announced who they were as they took him down, scaring everyone else in the place. Some thought he had a gun or something.

I kind of wonder how many of Comcast's customers are using some variation on comcastsucks, ComcastSucks, Comcastsucks!, etc., as their password. Seems one could narrow the pool of possibilities pretty easily for a brute force attempt to login into Comcast customers' accounts.

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That. was. AWESOME!!

Here's a gif I created of the final few minutes to impact 🪨

What an incredible thing to have witnessed together in real time! Congrats @NASA @JHUAPL @ASI_spazio @LICIACube

#DART #DARTMission @AsteroidDay #planetarydefense

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So follow along and tune in later tonight as humanity tries to redirect an asteroid for the very first time!

Impact is at 7:14 PM EDT, with the onboard camera live stream starting at 5:30 PM EDT and the main event live stream starting at 6:00 PM EDT

We should get images up to a few *seconds* before impact! For this mission, a loss of signal is a GOOD thing 😉

#DARTMission #PlanetaryDefense #NASA

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So much about these dynamics feels familiar from working with open education resources & open access publication:

It leads to unfortunate outcomes, all around. Often despite good intentions of people who otherwise know better.

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Super cool PSA: California has an amazing new program that lets you check out a State Parks Pass from the library and not many people know about it yet. The ranger was so excited when we rolled up because it was his frst time seeing anyone use one.

ksclarke boosted can now archive entire git servers regularly. If you have one, go here to get it archived

TIL (from my daughter): At a beach university, Exercise Science courses are cancelled when the waves are expected to be good. 😆

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#PeerTube v4.3 is out! 😍😍😍
▪ automatic import of videos from a remote channel
▪ UI improvements
▪ better integration of videos and live streams
▪ more instances customizations

Discover improvements and new features of this latest version on :

SimpleLogin + ProtonMail looks like a good pairing. Just saw the integration popup in my ProtonMail account this morning.

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🔖 OpenArt: Search 10M+ of AI art and prompts generated by DALL·E 2, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion

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🔖 This artist is dominating AI-generated art. And he’s not happy about it: Greg Rutkowski is a more popular prompt for text-to-image AI art generators than Picasso | MIT Technology Review

Dinosaur debugging makes much more sense than rubber duck debugging, in my head anyway...

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Thank you @xxyxxyart for making and sending my new deskmate! He's great! I'm sure he'll offer lots of useful advice while I'm stuck on problems at work. 😁

For those interested, more of Joel's art (mostly astronauts, aliens and dinosaurs) can be seen at or at the online store:

In a staff meeting with our UL and she's talking about having more people work remotely as a result of global warming (in addition to retrofitting the campus buildings to be able to handle rising temps, etc.)

That's the first time I've heard that angle to remote work (of course it assumes remote workers have a place to work that's air conditioned, etc.) We have had some remote folks go into the office to work because they don't have AC at home.

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