"Confirmed! We Live in a Simulation"


"The speed of light is a hardware artifact showing we live in a simulated universe."

"I can’t believe it’s not meat! Mycelium meat replacement company aims for summer launch of first products"

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Hey. Did I mention you can come to work with me on here? You totally should apply. Otherwise please signal boost to under represented groups and yes they can HMU main-princeton.icims.com/jobs/

Hmm, just found a file from 2014 named "Bitcoin Wallet Backup" on my Google Drive. Wondering if it's info about my long lost Bitcoin account. Not even sure which application created it, but it might be worthwhile doing some research on... I might be rich and not even know it (I'm kidding, I never bought that much).


This is a TV commercial, but it hits so close to home it had me laughing out loud...


"Google’s Stack is a clever, if incomplete, way to digitize and organize documents"

This looks really interesting. There are only two problems with it: 1) it's from Google, so everything in it will be used to build my advertising profile, and 2) it's from Google, so it will be discontinued just at the point it becomes essential to me.


Not a huge fan of the oat milks, but we bought some from Kirkland/Costco and it's really good in a latte. I might have to make it my new latte milk.

Ooh... a community college semi-near to me is offering hemp growing/business courses. I might take those if I can scrounge up the cash / time.


The Supreme Court rules Google's use of the Java APIs was "fair use". Yay!

That's better than the alternative, but it would be nice if they had also looked at whether APIs are copyrightable in the first place.

Narrator: "They shouldn't be."


Heh, my master's paper (from long, long ago) has now been read over 20 times on ResearchGate. I get a badge or something for that right?


Very interesting, and congrats! I knew at one point they had a partial telework system worked out, but it seems it's evolved. That's a very workable schedule. I used to have something like it when I worked for Duke/NESCent. Would drive down for a couple of days once a month.

Pretty neat project created by a digital humanities student:

"Sha Fei: A Humanist Photographer at World War II"

It uses the "Deep Nostalgia" technology for its cover image, too.


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