"If you're always right, you're doing something wrong."

-- City on a Hill (on Showtime)

That point where your kid starts sending you political memes...

I love it.

Pretty proud my place of work (along with the whole UC system) is taking a stand against Elsevier's journal pricing and for open access to journal articles:


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Poem-a-Day is a daily digital poetry series featuring over 250 new, previously unpublished poems. The list of poems is curated and includes poems from many of today's most talented poets.


Several things stacking up have me a bit bummed today. I guess I can try to unstack things one by one (at least the things I can deal with... some are just beyond my control).

I'm not a Apple user, but I really like this commercial.


I don't think I'd say Face or Touch ID is really very secure, but the commercial has a nice aesthetic.

"Fake news is an instrument for measuring trauma, and the epistemological incoherence that trauma creates – the justifiable mistrust of the establishment that has nearly murdered our planet and that insists that making the richest among us much, much richer will benefit everyone, eventually."


"if you want to make conspiracy theo­ries less plausible, you should start by stamping out conspiracies."


"Sikh drivers are transforming U.S. trucking. Take a ride along the Punjabi American highway."

"When I'm driving, I see God through his creation." -- Palwinder Singh

I can relate to that.


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A haiku:

This code was broken
Now it is working again
I do not know why

Went to pull off one of my three ripe tomatoes to put on some (daiya) cheese and crackers only to find two of them were missing. I was just commenting to myself yesterday that I was amazed that none of them had been eaten yet (two of the plants are covered in green ones).

The mystery is that the removal from the plant was clean and I don't see any stray remains around (like I've seen, in the past, with animals). I asked my family and noone admitted to taking them. I'm puzzled.

Caitlin did a timelapse of making bagels, which I think is pretty cool (so I'm sharing). I had to turn off looping to appreciate the finished product though it's still a little fuzzy. Would be neat to put a clean frame at the end.

Purple is my favorite color so when I learned there are purple peppers I was definitely going to try growing them.

These are Purple UFOs and I can see why they were named that...

I haven't tasted one yet, but they do look pretty.

The tent peppers out for some brief sun and a spraying of neem oil / Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap. Surprisingly, my tent plants are doing much better than my outside plants this year. Last year the outside plants did much better.

This year, I made the mistake of putting some unwashed clay pebbles over many of the outside plants. I think many have gotten bacterial spots as a result. Some are okay, though, and the tomatoes seem to be much more productive than last year.

It's a learning process.

Glancing at this stream, and at my Twitter stream, has me thinking I'm missing a heated discussion over on code4lib's mailing list.

My dad sends me links from the Web that I mostly enjoy reading. What I don't enjoy is that he sends them all in PDF form. I don't get that. I have a browser. Send me a link. I've specifically said to him that I'd prefer links, but I still get PDFs. I'm thinking this must somehow be related to how he reads the Web but for the life of me I don't know what sort of convoluted process would favor PDFs over links. </rant>

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