that hiccup was us upgrading to (we really needed the "...Fix blocked domains still being able to fill database with account records..."

* domain has been blocked for spamming users here.

@misty thanks for your wonderful work with homebrew

I’ve tried but if ever I needed confirmation that Uganda was my “passport country” this ftba match against Senegal is driving it home.

Bless me Father for I have sinned. I let my 7 year old pick our dinner destination. We are now at Olive Garden (we are now family), but forgive me for ordering Sam Adams beer.

Oh I would have posted this on Twitter but guess what? Friend with terminal cancer is one of my followers. That transparent enough for y’all? Ugh 😑

If we lose Jill Ellis is definitely a sleeper MI-6 agent who just got activated 😬😂

For those of y'all that pinged me about audio not working correctly, I'm pretty sure the upgrade (cause of the slight hiccup) fixes it.

@misty nothing thus far. Curious if you’ve made any storage decisions. This “unrelatedly” snuck up on me

we cracked 90% disk usage on this server. I pushed a magic button and that we are down to 18%. There was 0 downtime. That's sorcery I need to read up on.

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