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Hey infosec people: do me a favor and assume the "use case" for anyone you don't know personally includes facing poverty, discrimination, state-sponsored oppression, corporate surveillance, domestic abuse and harassment while using your product.

Then design accordingly.

please and thanks

@skeskali if work is buying MacBook. If it’s your money iMac tends to have a longer lifespan at home

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Digipres job alert! State Library of New South Wales is looking for a digital preservation technical analyst, and are paying well. iworkfor.nsw.gov.au/job/digita

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Seattle folks!

911 is broken. Police dept numbers are being circulated but if you can't handle police, note these.

Hospitals, ERs, clinics and ambulance services direct numbers: allonesearch.com/ambulance-ser

Fire dept direct number: seattle.gov/fire/ t.co/oVUbGKmNyC

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NAACP returns Facebook donation, calls for boycott

Interesting: The NAACP has returned a donation from Facebook and called for a daylong boycott of the social network Tuesday following revelations of how its platform was used to manipulate black voters in the 2016 presidential election.

They want a boycott of fb and twit Tues, Dec. 18th.


I'd like to do my part, but I boycott 24/7/365 so I doubt they'd notice my absent absence :-)

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Today's new study saying how foreign agents weaponized America's inherent bigotry to target Black Americans with complicity from nearly every major social media platform drives home the point that we need to make our own spaces that are independent because they really don't give a shit about us.

These platforms are willing to sacrifice national security and democracy for the sake of profit.


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Getting back to the point, the piece also makes it abundantly clear how many American business are willing to sacrifice the national good for a few dollars more.

Remember the stories that detailed how YT was specifically pushing right wing propaganda for more engagement? theguardian.com/technology/201

You think it's an accident the content they are pushing aligns ideologically with the efforts to undermine the Black American vote?

Are you paying attention?

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And let's be clear about this point. Not only are these platform promoting content to inflame white hate and bigotry, but they are also protecting people who espouse this ideology while punishing those who stand up against hate.


Given the context of how social media platforms will straight up lie ( money.cnn.com/2018/08/09/media ) about the efforts to make safe platforms, it is... let's be nice and call it naive to say they aren't complicit.

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Brock DSL is offering the workshop: Introduction to the Command Line. You should come! December 20th 10:00a.m.-11:30a.m. in Classroom A (ST228) James A. Gibson Library. Sign up at experiencebu.brocku.ca/event/9
or email dsl@brocku.ca

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Just got a scare when I found this Halloween bug on the arm of my coat. What is it?

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If you:
* Live in Seattle
* Have tech skills
* Want to make a decent living using those tech skills FOR GOOD rather than for evil

Then apply to this job at UW! Silby is a sweetheart and the research done in this lab relates to HIV and other good important research


Sorry about "Yet Another Vulnerability Patch" hiccup. We are now running 2.5.2 github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

Sorry about that hiccup. Needed to update our instance to 2.5.1 which fixes a vulnerability problem. github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

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