@misty nothing thus far. Curious if you’ve made any storage decisions. This “unrelatedly” snuck up on me

we cracked 90% disk usage on this server. I pushed a magic button and that we are down to 18%. There was 0 downtime. That's sorcery I need to read up on.

for those new on here. This instance is verified on keybase so you can verify yourself from the command line with
`keybase prove code4lib.social <yourusername>`

We've modified registration on this instance to require approval. (it was invite only)

and good lord the patreon UI is horrible so I'll also blame it!

y'all think I'm good at this computer stuff. It only took me a year to finally figure out which one of you has been helping defray the costs of keeping the lights on. A belated thanks @aaronisbrewing @ksclarke and @starsplatter

@ashley wait? I’ve been curled up crying and walking away would’ve fixed it?!! Oh... that kind of bug 🕷

@ksclarke congratulations all around. I shudder thinking about this and I’m 7 years away...

we are now running github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ do let me know if anything seems "off" I can't always test and recall @_whitni catching a back at last upgrade/update, for example.

For those on keybase.io you can now verify yourself on here with
`keybase prove code4lib.social <yourusernameonhere>`

@hugh I’m still in the queue for keybase integration for code4lib. Did the let y’all in?

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