My _searchengineFu is low on this but some of the users are encountering this error here.

heya if there's a mastodon admin on here can you point me to where this modification can be made? It's impacting some of the users here.

that hiccup is because we are now at v3.2.0 Looking into the weirdness of federation of toots reported by @akorphan His reporting may or may not have made him become an admin... ;-)

My apologies. My fat fingers disabled federation and I didn't notice until one of y'all notified me. Also we are now running 3.1.5

Sorry for that downtime. We are now running v3.1.4 let me know if something is busted.

Sorry about that hiccup. We are now running v3.1.3 Do let us know if anything looks off.

Thanks for all of youse who help in keeping the lights on. I think it was a year? two years? ago I launched this at Code4lib?

We are currently now running v3.1.1 which helps the whitelisting problems that maintenance for this had along with loads more. Do let us know if anything breaks.

we will be going down for a few minutes to do software/hardware maintenance. It shouldn't last long, but Murphy and whatnot.

had no idea admins had to approve hashtags on here. 🤔

we've upgraded this instance to v3.0.0. Do let me know if there are any things that are "off". Breaking changes and release notes here.

Never assume malice is involved. Frequently incompetence is the reason many break ins occur. These are pictures I took of one of those impersonal bartenders popping up at US Airports.

that hiccup was us upgrading to (we really needed the "...Fix blocked domains still being able to fill database with account records..."

* domain has been blocked for spamming users here.

I’ve tried but if ever I needed confirmation that Uganda was my “passport country” this ftba match against Senegal is driving it home.

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