Apologies for that downtime. :-( Warning for disk filling up came at the most inopportune time.

If you've wanted to work with Kernighan (yes, THAT ONE) this gig is for you. I mean I'm kind of a big deal to but yeah. cdh.princeton.edu/engage/jobs/

If any of you know recent graduates of NCCU. I wanna work with them. Signal Boost Please. social.icims.com/viewjob/pt164

I'm turning into a job post account. This job is from a local friend and hey if you get it we could have drinks together. This makes the job better than all the Princeton ones I posted. Thanks for Signal Boost jobs.sjfc.edu/postings/2481

It's raining gigs at my place of work. I really love working with these folks so you can join in on the fun. main-princeton.icims.com/jobs/

Will appreciate signal boost. Come work with me. We are a really good group who prioritize working together above all. main-princeton.icims.com/jobs/

Sorry about that hiccup y'all. We are currently running Mastodon v3.4.4

apologies for that downtime. Needed to upgrade/update not just the version of masto -we are are 3.4.1- but the OS that powers is. Do let me know if anything looks off.

Dunno who else runs a masto instance but yesterday I was panicked that this instance was going to be in serious need of a maintenance window to fix the filling up drive. After running

`tootctl media remove`

I got almost 50GB on cached media from other masto servers and I made maintenance a "future me" problem. ;-)

Hey. Did I mention you can come to work with me on here? You totally should apply. Otherwise please signal boost to under represented groups and yes they can HMU main-princeton.icims.com/jobs/

My _searchengineFu is low on this but some of the users are encountering this error here. mstdn.io/@mardy/10301789472210

heya if there's a mastodon admin on here can you point me to where this modification can be made? It's impacting some of the users here. docs.joinmastodon.org/api/rate

that hiccup is because we are now at v3.2.0 github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/. Looking into the weirdness of federation of toots reported by @akorphan His reporting may or may not have made him become an admin... ;-)

My apologies. My fat fingers disabled federation and I didn't notice until one of y'all notified me. Also we are now running 3.1.5

Sorry for that downtime. We are now running v3.1.4 github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ let me know if something is busted.

Sorry about that hiccup. We are now running v3.1.3 Do let us know if anything looks off. github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

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