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My partner is a small business owner ( She's nervous not for the business but the people we employ (5 part-time employees).

We've been transparent with our available funds and the timeline the business can weather. Some employees have offered to stop working so others needing the paycheck can keep working.

We have projects that they can do remote or on-site (without the storefront being open).

A fantastic post from Chris, director of MIT libraries.

TL;DR: Stop all services that can't be done remotely.

Thank you, @OCLC, for sponsoring the livestream, transcription, and captioning! Especially this year...

For one of our large projects, instead of writing code, I'm providing organizational leadership and strategy. The developer team is actively coding in GatsbyJS and I'm looking at my personal site ( and wondering if I should attempt a thought experiment of migrating from Hugo to GatsbyJS. The curse of hobby as work as hobby.

Gearing up to drive to Pittsburgh tomorrow. Then presenting on Monday, staffing the Samvera table, and helping as a Community Support Squadling. is a GLAM-themed Mastodon Instance.