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🔖 Videogrep: command line tool that searches through dialog in video files and makes "supercuts" based on what it finds

🔖 Someone Stole Seth Green's Bored Ape, Which Was Supposed To Star In His New Show | BuzzFeed News

🔖 Predatory community ["'Community' is a huge part of what keeps the faith alive, and crypto more than anything relies on faith."] | Molly White blog

🔖 HellowInbox: Email Deliverability Checklist & Toolkit for Marketers

🔖 FTC warns it will go after ed tech companies misusing children's data: The crackdown comes as lawmakers look to update children's privacy protections [COPPA only protects children under 13] | Cyberscoop

🔖 The future of 911 is a little bit creepy: As the 911 system adapts to the age of cellphones, it’s gaining access to all kinds of new data, too | Vox's Recode

🔖 Two-Card Monte: Why Mastercard And Visa Rarely Shut Down Scammers Who Are Ripping Off Consumers | Buzz Feed News A very nice guide for making your in-person presentation accessible. I just followed the advice for some slides I'm working on, it made a *huge* difference. I'm so grateful.

🔖 keygen: generates working, high-quality 3D-printable models of keys based on given parameters

This was a really fun trip down memory lane for me. I was at many of these foundational meetings for OhioLINK as a newly-hired system administrator at Miami Univ.

Little known fact: Miami Univ was the first to load its records into the OhioLINK central catalog. Univ of Cincinnati got all of the press, though—probably because Oxford was too far out of the way for a big press event.

🔖 OhioLINK’s Formative Milestones: Part I, 1986–2003 🗒 annotated

Our parent org, Freedom of the Press Foundation, is now also home to Dangerzone, a tool developed by @micahflee that lets you convert potentially dangerous PDF files, images, and office documents into safe PDFs:

As part of this transition to FPF stewardship, we're also looking for a part-time developer for Dangerzone (6 month contract, $40K fixed budget, schedule is yours to propose). If you're interested, please consider applying!

🔖 The Internet Origin Story You Know Is Wrong 🗒 annotated

This is a useful summary: what we know of as the internet today is a combination of the low-level protocols from Arpanet and the social interactions that flourished on bulletin board systems. But it is usually only Arpanet that gets the visible credit.

Found via @stephenfrancoeur on the bird site.

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