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🔖 The only cheat sheet you need. Unified access [via curl] to the best community driven documentation repositories of the world

Such a useful way of framing an effective communication style. For anyone. To anyone or groups of anyones. About anything.

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“Almost everything any educator ever tells you is some approximation of a deeper truth for the purpose of the lesson plan of the day. And I invoke this all the time depending on the audience, depending on their interest level, depending on what topic matters most in that conversation. I factor all this in, and out of that I determine how I present the information to that person. Where is my pedagogical approximation going to be established.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson, MasterClass, chapter 12, 5:35.

🔖 iPhone Apps Can Tell Many Things About You Through the Accelerometer | Mysk

🔖 Time to Act: at-risk digital materials identified in a global assessment [in this case, at risk because the file formats are obsolete or no longer have software to read them] | Digital Preservation Coalition

🔖 ‘It’s a walkout!’: Inside the fast-food workers’ rebellion at a McDonald’s in Bradford, Pa. | Washington Post

🔖 I found my stolen Honda Civic using a Bluetooth tracker. It’s the latest controversial weapon against theft | Washington Post

🔖 My Blogging Stack [Jekyll atop AWS controlled using GitHub Actions] | Marco Lancini

🔖 Cracking WiFi at Scale with One Simple Trick [well, a bit more than "one simple trick" but still useful info] | Cyberark

🔖 RFC 3339 vs ISO 8601: which string date formats are supported by each standard (or both!)

🔖 suranofsky/tech-services-g-sheets-addon: MatchMARC, Google Apps Script published as a Google Sheets Addon to automate MARC record searches

🔖 Here's the FBI's Internal Guide for Getting Data from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon | Vice Motherboard

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