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🔖 Thread by @CT_Bergstrom taking down Facebook’s response to Biden calling them out for their inaction to remove misinformation on their platform

🔖 Recommendation systems are increasingly determining what we like and dislike : Planet Money : NPR 🗒 annotated

🔖 Amazon Kendra releases Web Crawler to enable web site search [wow…Web-Crawler-as-a-Service] | AWS service blog

🔖 edmundhung/maildog: Host your own email forwarding service on AWS and manage it with Github Actions

🔖 Give me /events, not webhooks [an argument in favor of a database-like transaction log and cursor modality plus HTTP long polling] | Sync Inc technology blog

A "new" way to evaluate Java projects that use JSON... see what version of Jackson they're using. Jackson has frequent security updates so its version in the POM is an indicator for how well maintained the library is.

I just looked at two competing OSS projects that looked almost identical (same time since last update, same number of stars and forks, similar APIs, etc.) It came down to Jackson version 😆.

🔖 What's Inside the EU Green Pass QR Code? [as part of the EU process for travelers demonstrating COVID-19 vaccination and testing status] | Tobias Girstmair's blog

There is some really good language in this document to explain why this work is important, plus pointers to documents that start to go into _how_ to do it.

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🔖 She says vaccines make you magnetized. This West Chester lawmaker invited her testimony, chair says. [an exposé behind the unscientific anti-vaccine testimony in the Ohio House] | Cincinnati Inquirer

🔖 A privacy war is raging inside the W3C | Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech

🔖 Ring’s end-to-end encryption is rolling out globally [“battery-powered video doorbells and cameras don’t support end-to-end encryption”] | The Verge

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