🔖 New (LTE) Rotary Cell Phone: Short preview of the Rotary Un-Smartphone | Justine Haupt on YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=uV1C-41tq6

🔖 The 2020 election was neither stolen nor rigged: A primer — Why claims of fraud emerged, why we can be confident that the election wasn’t stolen and why we can be confident that the election wasn’t “rigged” | Phillip Blunt at Washington Post washingtonpost.com/politics/20

🔖 AWS services, explained in Victorian English: A list of the most noteworthy AWS services, made more interesting by GPT-3 and some clever prompting by @thesephist. victorianaws.com/

Ah...I'm going to have to add some special-case code to my km-tools to deal with this.

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I took the day off from work to recover from the latest COVID booster. Between naps, I finished up and documented a project I've been working on to create machine-generated transcripts from podcasts for use with Hypothes.is annotations.

Blog post: dltj.org/article/generating-po

Code: github.com/dltj/unchecked-tran

Example: media.dltj.org/unchecked-trans

🔖 Over 200,000 Servers in One Place! Visiting Hetzner in Falkenstein (Germany) | der8auer on YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=5eo8nz_nii

🔖 UK broadcasters battle monarchy over control of Queen’s memorial footage: Palace has said TV channels can only retain an hour of footage from events during the mourning period | The Guardian theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/s

🔖 Facebook Proven to Negatively Impact Mental Health: New study first to establish causal link between use of the platform and reported worsening in anxiety and depression among college students | Tel Aviv University english.tau.ac.il/science_link

The NISO Plus Forum was earlier this week. It was a great event that made the best use of face-to-face meeting time. I wrote up a summary of my impressions: dltj.org/article/niso-plus-for

🔖 YouTube’s ‘Dislike’ Button Doesn’t Do What You Think: Users try to control the video platform’s algorithm by giving content a thumbs-down, but Mozilla researchers say it’s not so simple | Wired wired.com/story/youtube-dislik

@edsu Good question. That is an unusual last name (to me) and even searching in just that doesn’t bring up 93,000.

🔖 This artist is dominating AI-generated art. And he’s not happy about it: Greg Rutkowski is a more popular prompt for text-to-image AI art generators than Picasso | MIT Technology Review technologyreview.com/2022/09/1

🔖 Highway PhotologsHighway departments all around the country had "photolog" programs, some dating back as early as 1961. Each year, specially tricked out vans would drive each mile of state road snapping photos to document the status of roadways | Jon Keeg beautifulpublicdata.com/highwa

🔖 Pluralistic: 19 Sep 2022 How to ditch Facebook without ditching your friends – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow pluralistic.net/2022/09/19/int 🗒 annotated via.hypothes.is/https://plural

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