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So—I'm going to become more active here on Mastodon...if I recently followed you, Hello!...if you followed me back...Thank you!

In an effort to have something interesting to say, I've plugged my "knowledge management" tools into Mastodon. The practical effect for followers is that you'll see things that I publicly bookmark at Pinboard and openly annotate at Hypothesis. Hopefully that will spur interesting and pleasant conversation here.

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By the way, my "knowledge management" tools are at — it is a work in progress to integrate Pinboard, Hypothesis, and soon Kindle annotations into my embryonic database. Side effects include posting URLs to Twitter (and now Mastodon) and saving copies of webpages in Wayback for potential use as Robust Links (

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🔖 Mothers Behind Book-Banning Campaign Claim Their First Amendment Rights Are Being Violated […because they have been blocked from reading aloud quotations in school board meetings from the books they want to ban] | ProPublica

🔖 New Intel chips won't play Blu-ray disks due to SGX deprecation [those high quality bits on the Blu-ray Disc that you bought? Yeah, soon you won’t be able to play them back on your computer.] | Bleeping Computer

🔖 A Mom’s Campaign to Ban Library Books Divided a Texas Town — and Her Own Family | ProPublica

🔖 FOLIO: Momentum building with new wave of implementations | Marshall Breeding's Library Technology Newsletter

Found it! I was close: "Searching instead of filing". Someone on the bird site replied with a screenshot of the Gmail welcome message from 2004.

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Meta's native apps—Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger—are manipulating web pages viewed with the in-app browser. This manipulation injects JavaScript that tracks link clicks and third-party ads. This technique could also be used to capture form data. The author recommends that users leave the in-app browser immediately to prevent further tracking.

🔖 iOS Privacy: Instagram and Facebook can track anything you do on any website in their in-app browser | Felix Krause

Didn't Google Gmail have some philosophical statement like "search not file" — meaning that one shouldn't bother to file messages into boxes/folders because searching was so much better. I can't seem to find mention of the exact phrase/concept.

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