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So—I'm going to become more active here on Mastodon...if I recently followed you, Hello!...if you followed me back...Thank you!

In an effort to have something interesting to say, I've plugged my "knowledge management" tools into Mastodon. The practical effect for followers is that you'll see things that I publicly bookmark at Pinboard and openly annotate at Hypothesis. Hopefully that will spur interesting and pleasant conversation here.

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By the way, my "knowledge management" tools are at — it is a work in progress to integrate Pinboard, Hypothesis, and soon Kindle annotations into my embryonic database. Side effects include posting URLs to Twitter (and now Mastodon) and saving copies of webpages in Wayback for potential use as Robust Links (

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🔖 LockPickingLawyer keynote [56 minute video] | Security Advisory and Incident Network Team - SAINTCON Conference, October 2021

🔖 Two Problems of Digital Image Formation: Recovering the Camera Point Spread Function and Boosting Stochastic Renderers by Auto-similarity Filtering 🗒 annotated

🔖 Shirley Cards [a color reference card created by Kodak in the 1950s; this article describes the bias towards light skin tones in early cameras and photo finishing processes] | 99% Invisible

🔖 This Colorado 'solar garden' is a farm under solar panels [“research in the Arizona desert showed some crops grown underneath solar panels needed 50% less water”] | NPR

🔖 The Handwavy Technobabble Nothingburger [also known as cryptocurrency] | Stephen Diehl

🔖 This Tool Protects Your Private Data While You Browse: targets scripts that harm users’ privacy yet are essential for the websites that embed them to function

🔖 ‘Buy the Constitution’ Aftermath: Everyone Very Mad, Confused, Losing Lots of Money, Fighting, Crying, Etc. [the “buy-the-Constitution” Decentralized Autonomous Organization seems centralized, top-down driven, and very disorganized] | Motherboard

🔖 Locked Out of ‘God Mode,’ Runners Are Hacking Their Treadmills [issues adjacent to the right-to-repair debate] | Wired

🔖 Debunking worthless “security” practices: @ThePacketRat tears down some infosec conventional wisdom—there's a lot of bad advice out there. | Ars Technica

🔖 The Tinkerbell Griftopia [on how the non-fungible tokens fad is an echo of past attempts to will something into reality by strength of belief and convincing others of that belief] | Stephen Diehl

🔖 Mediaeval Mythbusting Blog #3: The Man Who Invented the Spiral Staircase Myth [the myth: “staircases turn clockwise so that primarily right-handed defenders, fighting downwards, would have an advantage”] | Triskele Heritage triskeleheritage.triskelepubli

🔖 These Americans Are Just Going Around in Circles. It Helps the Climate. [profile of Carmel, Indiana — the city with the most roundabouts in the US] | New York Times

🔖 Police Can’t Demand You Reveal Your Phone Passcode and Then Tell a Jury You Refused | Electronic Frontier Foundation

🔖 Attempted breach of Ohio county election network draws FBI and state scrutiny [“that a private laptop was plugged into the county network … and routine network traffic captured”] | Washington Post

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