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So—I'm going to become more active here on Mastodon...if I recently followed you, Hello!...if you followed me back...Thank you!

In an effort to have something interesting to say, I've plugged my "knowledge management" tools into Mastodon. The practical effect for followers is that you'll see things that I publicly bookmark at Pinboard and openly annotate at Hypothesis. Hopefully that will spur interesting and pleasant conversation here.

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By the way, my "knowledge management" tools are at — it is a work in progress to integrate Pinboard, Hypothesis, and soon Kindle annotations into my embryonic database. Side effects include posting URLs to Twitter (and now Mastodon) and saving copies of webpages in Wayback for potential use as Robust Links (

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I worry about things like Google Workspace sometimes. Am I paying enough for the product to cover the cost of supplying the product to me, or is Google having to raise additional revenue to cover the cost of serving me? Is Google raising additional revenue even though they don't have to in order to cover my cost?

🔖 About those kill-switched Ukrainian tractors 🗒 annotated

🔖 Google and Meta’s underwater cables up the stakes on internet control | Rest of World

So as my pinned Mastodon posts describe, I've got some tech that automatically posts my bookmarks and annotations here in Mastodon (as well as Twitter). Since Mastodon has both a larger character limit and a delete-and-re-edit button, I find I'm deleting the automated posts and editing to add more context and shout-outs to people who point out good resources.

I think this is a good thing.

🔖 Cautionary Tales from Cryptoland (Harvard Business Review) 🗒 annotated

This is part of a series of articles in the Harvard Business Review about "Web3" stuff.

Originally found via @dsalo at Thanks for the link!

🔖 Slides from "Lessons From the Fifty-Year Quest to Turn Programmers into Software Engineers" by Adam Barr, Software Consultant, Crosslake Technologies

Found this via @dsalo, if I recall correctly. Based on a directed graph of phone and text interactions, a person’s activity can be re-identified.

🔖 How AI can identify people even in anonymized datasets 🗒 annotated

This is an interesting article because it ends with a quote from the chief product officer about prioritizing quality comments over engagement, and admits that recent changes have increased quality at the expense of engagement.

🔖 Nextdoor will remind users to keep conversations 'constructive' and 'empathetic' | Engadget 🗒 annotated

Just mentioned on a staff Slack channel and re-read the original image title text: "Fortunately, the charging one has been solved now that we've all standardized on mini-USB. Or is it micro-USB? Shit."

SOOOO outdated. We've moved on to USB-C now.

If you or someone you know is concerned about unwanted data collection while navigating online resources, providing or seeking services, or organizing with others, these guides are here to help you stay safe while doing so.

"If we, as human beings, are allowed to change and evolve, we have to find some way to be able to outgrow our data doppelgängers. It's not just that these things are creepy. It's that they're literally holding us to our worst selves, even when we try to change and work our way through the future."

Fascinating podcast episode from @eff and @ethanz. A "Data Doppelgängers" is a surveillance capitalism profile built from our internet activity. How might we combat this?

🔖 A database for 2022 [litestream-backed SQLite database for production configuration database] | Tailscale technical blog

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