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So—I'm going to become more active here on Mastodon...if I recently followed you, Hello!...if you followed me back...Thank you!

In an effort to have something interesting to say, I've plugged my "knowledge management" tools into Mastodon. The practical effect for followers is that you'll see things that I publicly bookmark at Pinboard and openly annotate at Hypothesis. Hopefully that will spur interesting and pleasant conversation here.

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By the way, my "knowledge management" tools are at — it is a work in progress to integrate Pinboard, Hypothesis, and soon Kindle annotations into my embryonic database. Side effects include posting URLs to Twitter (and now Mastodon) and saving copies of webpages in Wayback for potential use as Robust Links (

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🔖 Open Infrastructure Map: a map of the world's electricity, telecoms, oil, and gas infrastructure, using data from OpenStreetMap

🔖 Real Problems That Web3 Solves, Part 2: We need markets to exchange goods, services, and financial assets [society needs trusted markets; traditional markets can’t be trusted because of hidden complexity while decentralized markets are trusted because t

🔖 Real Problems That Web3 Solves, Part 1: Owning Your Own Digital Identity & Fixing Authentication [primarily hinges on smart contracts as a form of password reset via signed assertions from a group of wallet trustees] | Bill Prin's Tech Blog

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🔖 Roy's NFT Emporium on the Web 3.0: All of the NFTs are guaranteed non-fungible and backed by CSV technology. [parody]

🔖 It is really difficult for the average person to fully conceive of how useless NFTs are. Thread by @HoldenShearer on Twitter

🔖 Google Misled Publishers and Advertisers, Unredacted Lawsuit Alleges: Details show Google employees fretting its ad tech auctions were ‘untruthful’ and based in ‘insider information’ | Wall Street Journal

🔖 Davis Educational Foundation award accelerates Boston Library Consortium’s controlled digital lending implementation | Boston Library Consortium

🔖 Meta sued for £2.3bn over claim Facebook users in UK were exploited: Lawsuit claims company set ‘unfair price’ by taking users’ personal data without proper compensation | The Guardian

🔖 SpaceX wouldn't move its satellite to avoid a collision, says ESA | Futurism

🔖 A Simple Plan to Solve All of America’s Problems: The U.S. doesn’t have enough COVID tests—or houses, immigrants, physicians, or solar panels. We need an abundance agenda. | Derick Thompson at The Atlantic

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