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selfie, C19 mask 

Yesterday, I tried on my Dentec Nx400 elastomeric respirator (with N95 filters, the P100 filters should arrive soon).

For context, our entire family wears (K)N95 masks.

My son's reaction: "Wow you have a gas mask!"

Spouse's reaction: "Don't you think you're going a little overboard?"

Sadly, no, as the rest of the world stops wearing masks this is what those of us who want to protect ourselves have to do.

I'll wear it to help normalize it for others.

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There are four good things worth practicing. Being kind toward everything alive. Staying level and steady. Feeling happy for any creature anywhere that is happy. And remembering that any suffering is also yours.

Bewilderment / Richard Powers


Elastomeric P100 mask has shipped. I will be ready for the fall term.

Thanks for the extra little push @victoria !

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Welp, looks like I'm part of a round of layoffs. If anyone out there's is hiring, or has leads, I'm on the market. I'm specifically looking for a remote, backend-focused senior position at a mission-driven company. My last ~10 years has been in fintech, but anything trying to make the world a better place is interesting to me.

Use of Lisp, Rust, or some other interesting language is a big plus.

Boosts appreciated! #fedihired

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My workplace sent out a notice that COVID cases are on the rise and asks you to "do your part to help stop the spread." BUT do you notice anything that's missing in this list? Like, ooooh, I don't know -- MASKING? 🙄


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who is writing - in specific detail, not just generalized hand waving gestures - about all the shit that academic libraries *used to do* that isn't happening anymore because of widespread understaffing?

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However it turns out that our University Librarian is *also* on vacation. (They hadn't created any entries on the Library & Archives absence calendar because why would they? They're above that sort of thing I guess.)

So I followed up with my colleagues to say "So unfortunately it seems that nobody with authority over circulation or ILL will be available until the 20th."

I guess this is what happens when a power-hungry clown runs your library.

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I just wrote the sentence "librarians at Laurentian are not allowed to have any responsibility for circulation or ILL" in response to a question from colleagues at another university and they must think we live in bizarro land.

We do! It's unbelievable.

The non-librarian manager to whom those responsibilities have been transferred is on vacation, so I referred my colleagues to our University Librarian.

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Ex Libris's seeming dark pattern of purposefully taking up so much time of any user who dares to choose to refuse non-essential cookies is so farking annoying.

I will always choose this option and just wait two to three minutes before I can do my work, but I know what they're doing and it pisses me off.

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There is this conference "Semantic Web in Libraries"(SWIB) which I am involved in organizing. Each year, there's a great bunch of people meeting.

You have something interesting to share about #LinkedData in libraries or related institutions? Or have some ideas on how libraries could contribute more to the growth and maintenance of the Fediverse?

Please consider a submission (which is only an abstract). The deadline has just been extended to 11 July 2022:

Successfully pulled off a surprise party for my wife tonight, and I am jazzed. She was surrounded by friends and love. She deserves it so much!

It was a heck of a 180 from the depths to which I had led her expectations, like "oh maybe we'll go out for dinner somewhere, and hopefully a few people feel by this week weekend".

Instead, as we were paddling back to the docks, there were an unusually large # of people gathered there who all started singing... It was an awesome night.

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Rotator cuff tendinopathy sucks.

My dad suffered from this in his late 70s, to the point that he had to use one of his arms to lift his other arm to shoulder height.

I'm rapidly closing in on 50 and have been feeling it for the last week or two, to the point that it's interfering with my sleep. Doing the recommended exercises and hoping I can fend it off eventually.

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Work - overloaded 

A month ago I told our University Librarian that my workload was insane and that it has completely sidelined my research, including my PhD, and he tried to explain to me how much flexibility I have in carrying out my workload.

He has personally overseen the cuts from 7 to 3 librarians. He's pretending systems, accessibility, data, liaison instruction and colldev for Fac of Arts, Fac of Education and Health & School of Architecture is a completely normal, acceptable workload.

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My least favorite is when you're prostrating yourself to the CAPTCHA gods to receive the sacrament of logging into your own account, and it's like "select all images with cars" and you miss one because it's like five blurry pixels and it's like SELECT ALL IMAGES WITH CARS, HUMAN

If you already know which one they're in, do it yourself, asshole computer

Work - overloaded 

It's annual report time, so I compared my reference stats for this year versus previous years.

With a team of 6 or 7 librarians a few years back, we handled 1,100 reference Q's on average.

This year, with just 3 librarians, we handled 1,050. I handled> 600 of those.

And I'm a systems librarian?!?

I'm so tired.

Support case comment for Ex Libris (OpenURL) 

I've uploaded a screenshot showing you what the ProQuest Admin UI gives me for options. There's no way for me to say "Hey ProQuest database, if you're creating an OpenURL for a dissertation, just send me 'dissertation' for the <GENRE> value instead of 'dissertations & theses'".

That's why it has to be a collaborative effort between ProQuest and Ex Libris. You're both part of Clarivate: please work this out, on behalf of all your customers!

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