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Work - overloaded 

A month ago I told our University Librarian that my workload was insane and that it has completely sidelined my research, including my PhD, and he tried to explain to me how much flexibility I have in carrying out my workload.

He has personally overseen the cuts from 7 to 3 librarians. He's pretending systems, accessibility, data, liaison instruction and colldev for Fac of Arts, Fac of Education and Health & School of Architecture is a completely normal, acceptable workload.

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My least favorite is when you're prostrating yourself to the CAPTCHA gods to receive the sacrament of logging into your own account, and it's like "select all images with cars" and you miss one because it's like five blurry pixels and it's like SELECT ALL IMAGES WITH CARS, HUMAN

If you already know which one they're in, do it yourself, asshole computer

Work - overloaded 

It's annual report time, so I compared my reference stats for this year versus previous years.

With a team of 6 or 7 librarians a few years back, we handled 1,100 reference Q's on average.

This year, with just 3 librarians, we handled 1,050. I handled> 600 of those.

And I'm a systems librarian?!?

I'm so tired.

Support case comment for Ex Libris (OpenURL) 

I've uploaded a screenshot showing you what the ProQuest Admin UI gives me for options. There's no way for me to say "Hey ProQuest database, if you're creating an OpenURL for a dissertation, just send me 'dissertation' for the <GENRE> value instead of 'dissertations & theses'".

That's why it has to be a collaborative effort between ProQuest and Ex Libris. You're both part of Clarivate: please work this out, on behalf of all your customers!

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Fuck video “documentation” and write a goddamn user manual

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Here's a friendly reminder, "Why not both?" Take it with you

Quietly hanging out with @ksclarke this morning as we worked was the highlight of my week.

Thanks Kevin!

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Huh - interesting thing just popped up on my timeline: Looks like Google have realised they're not converting users... I'm going to continue leaving Google, because otherwise, I'm just setting myself up for annoyance as they do other things to 'convert' me to a paying customer.

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If you're a GNOME Foundation member, we need six more people to register an objection to this proposed change to the Board of Directors in order to have it put to an actual vote:

You do have to be an existing GF member, but it's important. This is a resolution where the Board wants to modify itself, with the members not having a vote.

Without meeting the signature threshold, the board will just adopt a change to the rules governing itself. That's bad process. Period.

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"Tell me," the emperor said, "how I will die."
The courtiers held their breath but the oracle answered calmly.
"You will die while attempting to avoid a prophecy."
The emperor thought about this.
"Very well, so be it. I accept my fate."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

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solidarity toot for all other instance admins and mods this week

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If you're new here

A lot of people won't accept a follow request, or might (soft-)block you if your profile doesn't have an avatar/header/bio/any posts at all

This isn't personal

It's just a learned response that is protective against spammy follow-bots

If you give us something to go on, you may find that people get much friendlier! :)

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Since there’s a lot of new people trying out Mastodon, something to be cautious about: your DMs can be read by admins of your instance and the instance of the recipient, and when your toots cross an instance boundary, it’s possible for your private toots to get boosted. Some of the privacy guards in place on platforms you’ve used before don’t work the same here.

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Wondering how to find other people on the Fediverse that share your interests?

Check out #Trunk! It has lists of Mastodon users who have self-identified as being interested in or someone who posts about everything from Audio Engineering, to Librarians, to Fountain Pens, to Plaints, to Sailing, and more!

I'm on the Described Media list for example, to express that I'm a user that describes the content of my posts, such as through alt text. The list helps me find others who describe their media, and helps others find me!

It also gives me an idea of instances I might want to move to if I want to find the company of where those on the lists are posting from.

Start exploring or join some lists here:

Hah, of course - I even had it in my birbsite post!

*shakes head at self*

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Library frenz with the current birbsite drama there's a need for a list of library-related instances.

So,,,, - what else comes to mind?

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Ok so how many people on here are librarians or libtech who are sighing, breathing, and explaining what the heck federation means? WE'VE BEEN TRAINING OUR WHOLE LIVES FOR THIS MOMENT.

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Righto, here’s my fedi-tips:

- it’s slower here, less addictive than corp social media. This is a good thing, try and enjoy it.
- you see what you follow. No ads, no obscure reshuffling, no manipulating your emotions. Enjoy that too.
- please consider using CWs. Could it hurt, shock, upset, harm?
- please describe your pictures if you can
- give benefit of the doubt: text easily misleads
- shared something negative? Maybe follow with positive action.
- fash, queerphobes, bigots: fuck off 💚

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