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I'm teaching Ex Libris' data import specialist this morning that Excel just displays barcodes using scientific notation and that the underlying data is still perfectly valid.

This, after they saw the 3.00000E+17 values in Excel and admonished me "Please do not open the csv file in any type of editor that will modify data"


Library vendor, cumbersome TLS cert processes 

Ex Libris response to asking them to use LetsEncrypt to generate certs with our hostname:

"We do not use CertBot or LetsEncrypt certificates in the Cloud. Our security standards and processes rely on Certificate Authority certificates [such as] GoDaddy, DigiCert and others, where we create the Certificate request (CSR) along with a key for the customer to issue and sign the certificate with a CA."


Kudos to whoever created the item "Not a user friendly library system" in this Alma training sandbox

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This is neat... open to a new window somewhere else in the world:

It's also neat that you get sound. Just opened to a window in Dubai with the Beatles playing...

I don't mind self-hosted training videos but *please* let me increase playback speed and give me a full text transcript!

Lame joke; collective writing 

I just ended a call to discuss a paper that I'm working on with a few other people by saying: "All right! Lets... all... write!"

Yeah you know you want to work on a project with me.

Dreams, difficulty sleeping 

My sleep has sucked for weeks. Partially an overly tight lower back, partially the heat.

Anyway I was doing a little coding yesterday and I guess it infected the dream that I had during last night's 4.5 hours of broken sleep.

I was helping someone create a pop-up window using JavaScript and noticed they were trying to call a static method instead of using a constructor to create an object and then call the method on that.

Yeah, hell of a dream.

After a terrible (non)sleep last night, I forced myself up to get the compost and recycling out to the curb at 6:30 AM before collapsing back in bed.

Oh hey it's Thursday and our collection day is Friday. Guess I get to do this again tomorrow morning.


Citation style, librarians, why 

Why do I have to recommend to a group of fellow librarians working on the final draft of a collaborative document that maybe we should use Zotero to get a consistent citation style (and maybe decide on a citation style)? Shouldn't this be automatic?

covid-19, mask wearing 

I'm amazed that chains like Lowes, Home Depot, and grocery stores don't require at least their employees (who interact with many people per day) to wear a mask. At least, it's not happening here.

I'd love it if they required customers to wear masks, too (I always do), but I guess the profit motive kills that option.

CLAs, building free software communities 

In response to a patch I offered: "thanks for the PR! we require a CLA for submissions ... so it might be easier if i just make these same mods myself ... unless you're thinking about making future submissions"

The CLA is not mentioned or included in the code or in the project's site. I don't know if they expect copyright assignment or what. Not a great way to build a community?

I am failing at this vacation thing. Just submitted my annual report, prepended cover pages to a set of PDF license documents for our Faculty of Graduate Studies, answered a bunch of IT's questions about a systems migration...

Today I discovered a self-proclaimed copyright expert copied a large chunk of a CC-BY-NC-SA text verbatim into their own publicly posted copyright advice document, without applying the same license or providing attribution.

I can't even...

Bad management 

I suspect management expects at least one of the technical people to make a heroic sacrifice and save their asses, but they're the ones who put us in this godawful position to begin with.

They signed a migration contract binding us to this timeline even though our entire department urged them to choose a different timeline.

So fuck them.

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Bad management 

Two weeks ago I joined a meeting with a set of timelines for a system migration. I pointed out that the technical work requires people who are either on sabbatical, or on vacation / doing scholarly activity and thus unavailable.

Vendor & execs agreed to talk about it offline.

Today, I joined a follow-up meeting. Same set of timelines, starting next week. I pointed out that there are still no technical people available.

Vendor & execs agreed to talk about it offline.

COVID-19 library reopening 

Manager of operations at our library emailed librarians today asking what PPE we would need.

Without providing any context as to what in-person services they're expecting us to resume, or when, or what expert advice is being relied on. We haven't been involved in any of the discussions about reopening. Just "need to know by next week what you need and how much!"


IT support interaction 

Me: Can I access this VM console that I've been waiting for since February?

IT: Yes VPN to <hostname1>

Me: Thanks! Where do I find info about the VPN?

IT: <hostname2>

Me: Thanks! But <oldhost> shows all of the VMs as disconnected. Is there a different VM console I should be using?

IT: Yes <hostname1>

Me: Duh! Missed that in my focus on VPN!

/me connects to <hostname1>, has to create an /etc/hosts entry and accept two self-signed certs to access it...

Hey @adr I had reason to link to today and noticed a stark difference between speakers in the audio visualization. Hello !

Negative oil prices, intense sarcasm 

So if the reason oil prices are tanking is that there's nowhere to store all this oil that's still being pumped out of the ground, why don't we reverse the pipelines and pump oil into the massive pits left behind in the tarsands?

Think outside of the box, Mr. Kenney--they'll pay you to increase Alberta's oil reserves!

It's a long term investment.

Work, areas of responsibility, communication 

Reminded an administrator that it's helpful for everyone if they keep me in the loop about discussions or decisions regarding areas for which I'm the coordinator

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