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I sent a nice "Hey it looks like when you updated our page without telling me, I lost the ability to update it. Could you revert the permissions change and coordinate with me in future if you're going to make a change?"

I've been updating the page _for years_ now so it's a bit annoying. But I understand, people are trying to do the right thing.

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Ah what a great time to lose access to updating our library & archives home page.

COVID-19, library closure, sweaing 

Well we almost have an FAQ together detailing what services our library is going to offer while it's closed.

Wouldn't have been so fucking painful if library admin had called a meeting so we could discuss this in advance, say last week right after all classes were moved to online?

Library closing 

Yay, our admin team announced that they're closing the library as of the end of today.

Now if they had engaged in a dialogue with us back on Wednesday when we started advocating for the closure of the library, rather than fighting or ignoring us, then we would have been able to focus on planning for the closure. Instead, we now have a few hours to figure everything out.

I get it's a crisis, but include your team in discussions and decisions and you'll get better results.

Precarious workers, COVID-19 

I replied no, but that I work with & care for them, and am obliged to advocate for them.

Next response: please follow up with the Chair of your department on this non-urgent matter.

The Chair was CCed on the conversation.

So, replying all, I asked the Chair to ask the acting UL the same question.

The fact that the acting UL wouldn't give a simple yes or no, and went with a snarky response instead, doesn't sound good for our P/T employees or student workers.

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Precarious workers, COVID-19 

New pay continuance guidelines: "P/T & student employees will be paid for their regularly scheduled work for March 14 - April 3, even if they can't work". Sounds great!

But library hours were reduced on March 13th, closing on weekends and evenings. Which are most of the hours that our P/T and students work.

When I asked our acting UL whether these staff would be paid for the evening and weekend hours, I was asked whether I supervised any. 1/2

COVID-19, librarians vs teaching faculty 

Okay now I'm pissed.

I confirmed today that our teaching faculty are not expected to offer face to face office hours during our "all classes online" period, but librarians (who are also faculty, in the same collective agreement) are expected to offer face to face reference.


And people wonder why our union files so many grievances against our administration.

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I am digging Firefox's Container Tabs. It's kinda like their Facebook Container but "a more general extension that allows you to create containers and determine which sites open in each one".

It's particularly nice to stop e.g. social media tracking you across the web, and for sites where you use multiple logins (e.g. personal & work accounts). And once you've opened a site in a particular container, you can set it to always open in that one by default, if you like.

HTTPS TLS certs, vendors 

I just asked Ex Libris why they're still documenting the expensive and clumsy manual process of shipping around signed CSRs when they could just be using Certbot / Let's Encrypt for free:

Collegial governance (lack thereof) 

UL: "I've been negotiating with a vendor to migrate to a new library system."

Me (systems librarian, repeatedly): "Can you include the systems librarian in your discussions?"

UL: "..."

Department strikes a committee to evaluate the costs & benefits of migrating to new system.

One working day later, library manager tells staff that the license for the new system is a fait accompli.

UL: "Well we've agreed to a price but still need to sign the agreements"

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Collegial governance (lack thereof) 

Library department: "Motion to adopt circulation policies that allow unlimited renewals with no overdue fines until an item is recalled."

University Librarian: "That's nice, now immediately implement this update to circ policies to increase the maximum overdue fines."

Department: "But... collegial governance!?!"

UL: "That's an order"

Another example to add to our already open grievance over the lack of collegial governance in this place.

Learned how to use youtube-dl today.

For work: profs subcontracted a local company to create some instructional videos; company posted them to YouTube and might not have the originals anymore. Profs own copyright and want copies of the videos in our institutional repository, away from an ad-plagued platform.

So if worst comes to worst, I'm ready...

Trying to figure out the most environmentally friendly options for some renovations. The most friendly option is to not renovate.

But then the staples continue to stick out of the vinyl flooring, as they have for 14 years...

Wanted: a Canadian librarian to give a keynote on digitization and metadata. Maybe my friends can recommend some good candidates?

/cc @anna @ashley @sabrams

Yay, our national library & archives was able to harvest our theses & dissertations collection, and I only had to tweak one thing in our DC-to-ETDMS stylesheet.

DSpace keeps throwing curves at us after ten years but it is still running and maintained, so there's that.

Turns out it was an amazing largely one-person performance by Matthew Heitl, with some assistance from puppets and shadow theatre.

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Off to see a local production of A Christmas Carol with the family. No idea what to expect!

I had been using a convoluted approach with an rPi 1 to provide a Google Cloud Print interface, but this is far better.

And Google Cloud Print is going away, of course:

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Last night I set up a Raspberry Pi 2 as a print server for our 13 year old (!) Brother HL 2040 printer at home.

The rPi is running Fedora Server 31 so it's getting regular updates, and provides a nice web-based management UI through Cockpit.

I relied on for the bulk of the printer setup info.

Should have been working on my research but was in a mood to solve this long-standing problem.

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