When the contractor who you gave a downpayment in February leaves a message "unfortunately the equipment has been pushed back until the end of the month" and, sweetie, it's Sept. 29 🤷

Hey @adr are you or any of your fellow Mac librarian/archivist peeps registered for the CAUT librarian & archivist thing October 21-22nd?

With the theme of "Collective Resistance: Academic Librarians and Archivists Taking Action" I hope MUALA will be there in force! I know, it might trigger some PTSD, but your experiences would be helpful for those of us where the "P" means "Present".


@platypus I feel like this is the kind of result you would expect from an individual who over-committed to a conference presentation and jammed together a proof of concept the weekend before. "Hey, I loaded VIAF into Wikibase, isn't that cool?"

OCLC took $2.4M USD from the Mellon Foundation and a couple of years to do basically that, but also made all interface aspects (human, LD, and API) worse. WTH!

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Ok so, OCLC released their "Linked Data" entities to great fanfare.

but I cannot find the linked data.

These are clearly being generated from linked data sources!

I just cannot find any sign they're published as linked data.

Sample record id.oclc.org/worldcat/entity/E3

@platypus @dsalo Fun stuff to come back to after a weekend's sabbatical from social media! It's not doing content negotiation, all roads lead to HTML (UGH):

$ curl -I -H "Accept-Type: application/x-turtle,text/turtle,text/rdf+n3,application/rdf+xml" id.oclc.org/worldcat/entity/E3

HTTP/2 303
date: Mon, 26 Sep 2022 15:06:24 GMT
location: /worldcat/entity/E39PBJq74MrfW4pD3GFJJcWFKd.html

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@m0xee @anelki @lupo

I *did* think about mentioning NetHack as a vi training tool! Thanks for that.

And yeah, I've tried some of the fancy IDE-type plugins, but always fall back to a pretty vanilla VIM with syntax highlighting and indenting. (Although when the latter goes wrong, it pisses me off!)

@anelki @lupo I learned vi (not even VIM!) ages ago when I had to work on Windows, OS/2, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, SCO, and maybe some other oddities. Having one common text editor enabled some sanity.

VIM was a nice evolution. Today I'm still only using a single-digit % of its potential, but bulk operations and regexen go a very long way to increasing my productivity.

Watching other people use VIM also helped me level up. Splitting windows, min/maxing them, etc...

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Imposter imposter syndrome syndrome: The fear that your peers will discover you don't really have imposter syndrome.

I always feel weird about comments on my voice, though. It's a privilege thing: I'm uneasy about authority or expertise that might be assumed because I have a deep male voice.

So I'll lean into the enthusiasm: that's under my control. And find other aspects of my teaching that I can improve as well.

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Feedback on a library research instruction session I just gave: "your voice should be on a radio show! Loved the enthusiasm when explaining"

Okay, I'll take it. One part genetics, one part learned skill.

@cwebber Oh sounds like it would be great to get into an official archive (e.g. one at a university)--ideally in the exact state in which you received it.

There are legal and ethical issues with mass digitization & publication, particularly of personal correspondence, etc. Professional archivists can provide access while navigating those issues

@mhoye I would almost be okay with that, if I had any confidence that people would follow the other part of the advice (10 days of masking following the onset of symptoms, whatever virus it might be).

Somehow though I think it's just cover for "the province doesn't want to pay for COVID tests any more" and most people will ignore the masking advice.

Now will the province take the next step and force universities that adopted mask requirements in instructional spaces to rescind those policies?

@SexyCyborg Oh I love that and would like to read more by the creator, but can't quite make out the signature - looks like hannahhellaa or hannahellan - do you have a higher-quality source by any chance?

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Tfw you finally do a thing you've been procrastinating for a while and it only takes 45 seconds because it wasn't actually that big a task but it grew in your mind the whole time and now it's over

"Platform redesign coming mid-September 2022"

<sarcasm>I'm so glad the vendors to whom we pay so much money deeply understand their customers needs and wants. What perfect timing!</sarcasm>

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