Trying to figure out the most environmentally friendly options for some renovations. The most friendly option is to not renovate.

But then the staples continue to stick out of the vinyl flooring, as they have for 14 years...

@ashley @anna @sabrams Personally I think the fuzziness is justified when it comes to digitization in particular!

@ashley @anna @sabrams Not a chump move at all; one of my first thoughts was about artefactual!

One challenge, though, is that the group is looking specifically for a librarian; I believe they already have lined up an archivist.

@LaCrecerelle Hah not at all! I just need to a) pay attention to my notifications and b) figure out how to DM with the client I'm using.

Oh screw it, my home page ( is on my profile and I list my email addresses there. So is the best way to reach me

Wanted: a Canadian librarian to give a keynote on digitization and metadata. Maybe my friends can recommend some good candidates?

/cc @anna @ashley @sabrams

@Greg @ksclarke Oh I dunno. IBM was horrible.

My university has reduced the friction over the past decade (e.g. as of recently we no longer need to submit the paper boarding passes for proof of airline travel!)

Okay yeah that was pretty bad too.

Yay, our national library & archives was able to harvest our theses & dissertations collection, and I only had to tweak one thing in our DC-to-ETDMS stylesheet.

DSpace keeps throwing curves at us after ten years but it is still running and maintained, so there's that.

Turns out it was an amazing largely one-person performance by Matthew Heitl, with some assistance from puppets and shadow theatre.

Off to see a local production of A Christmas Carol with the family. No idea what to expect!

@platypus I'm using pelican, largely because it's Python and uses jinja2 templates. Like:

<h1 id="{{ article.slug }}">{{ article.title }}</h1>
{{ article.content }}

My theme for is a light customization of

I had been using a convoluted approach with an rPi 1 to provide a Google Cloud Print interface, but this is far better.

And Google Cloud Print is going away, of course:

Last night I set up a Raspberry Pi 2 as a print server for our 13 year old (!) Brother HL 2040 printer at home.

The rPi is running Fedora Server 31 so it's getting regular updates, and provides a nice web-based management UI through Cockpit.

I relied on for the bulk of the printer setup info.

Should have been working on my research but was in a mood to solve this long-standing problem.

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University printing user experience 

@fribbledom FidoNet was such an eye-opener to me as a teenager. Opened up a whole world beyond our local BBSes.

Library homepage maintenance woes 

Library homepage maintenance woes 

Library homepage maintenance woes 

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