@lightweight I migrated to Proton a month or so ago, and I'm not going back. Google definitely screwed this up.

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Huh - interesting thing just popped up on my timeline: zdnet.com/article/google-backt Looks like Google have realised they're not converting users... I'm going to continue leaving Google, because otherwise, I'm just setting myself up for annoyance as they do other things to 'convert' me to a paying customer.

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@ksclarke Sounds great! I'll send you an invite by DM.

Oh yeah and 10:00 AM EDT right?

@ksclarke Yes! Annual report deadline is approaching rapidly and I could use some accountability to actually focus on the data entry required prior to writing that report.

I'm available the mornings of Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday if any of that works for you.

@ksclarke hey this sounds familiar! I really enjoyed hanging out and working alongside with you virtually a few times, maybe we should get a Jitsi Meet going?

@cwebber They bundle all of the source for everything. IIRC Fedora was very frustrated trying to build Chromium packages that just linked to standard versions of libraries rather than the randomly patched versions that Google bundles in. Also horrible for getting upstream bug fixes, etc

lwn.net/Articles/886609/ covered this nicely


@Greg Oof. Glad that it is at least a little better, but that sucks. 🫂

@tomxcd I still have the packing slip from my first order of CDs from CheapBytes.

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@earnestma Huh I had no idea you could do that!

Recently I've been using the libro.fm player but it's nice to know PocketCasts is an option for free-range audiobooks (even with the storage cap).

@mjgiarlo We're still on DSpace 6.3-ish with JSP UI, wheeeeee

@saramg Indeed, I agonized over this in January - code4lib.social/@dbs/107690585

Earlier this week I migrated my family's domain email to a ProtonMail Visionary Account. The price was roughly the same as if I had stayed with Google.

-ve: only 20GB total across all accounts
-ve: Android app is sluggish

+ve: you get 10 ProtonVPN logins
+ve: not Google

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If you're a GNOME Foundation member, we need six more people to register an objection to this proposed change to the Board of Directors in order to have it put to an actual vote: discourse.gnome.org/t/consulta

You do have to be an existing GF member, but it's important. This is a resolution where the Board wants to modify itself, with the members not having a vote.

Without meeting the signature threshold, the board will just adopt a change to the rules governing itself. That's bad process. Period.

@DonnaLanclos There are a bunch of "play sound" titles for various kinds of notifications in the preferences widget (highlighted in yellow).

Failing that, does your browser have a "mute this tab" feature? Kind of a brute force method but...

@edsu @ksclarke @kayiwa Spitballing but it might be nice to have content > max_content_length hidden via CSS under a "read full post" label target than just erroring out. I don't mind longer posts but it would be nice to not have them affect the feed UI.

Although I guess there has to be some actual technical limit, otherwise some joker will pipe /dev/random into a post and break the fediverse. (I'm sure that was defended against long ago)

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@DonnaLanclos With insurance? OMG

@o0karen0o reveal.js (revealjs.com w/ code at github.com/hakimel/reveal.js) is quite nice. Supports HTML or Markdown markup. MIT licensed.

Hint: Use the data-background attribute to get full screen images.

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