Just completed point-and-clicking to apply a minor config change to 212 collections in Ex Libris Alma because they decided not to provide an "update batch job" (unlike most of the other entity types) and instead offer an "E-collection quick edit cloud app"... which failed to update 18/20 and 41/50 of the collections in my first two test runs.

Guess I should have used the API. I just can't believe how hostile this program is.

journal submission process 

@mplouffe @twsh Imagining sarcastic thanks. "Thanks to <former supervisor> for driving me away into a more productive, less abusive research group"

@petrichor JSON-LD because it doesn't get screwed up if you change your HTML template, and is relatively easy to consume as plain old JSON for simple stuff without needing a special parser.

RDFa because it is as expressive as JSON-LD (for example the @rev property; microdata's @itemprop-reverse is still "experimental" 7 years later). But like microdata it has the drawback of being brittle when elements get moved around, etc.

So if you're wondering why I've been quiet for a while, it's because of this awful situation that has been playing out.

Apparently the layoff notices are being sent on Monday.

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How was Senate forced to approve this odious package?

By being told that if they said no, the university would close entirely. Duress and conflict of interest should have had the while thing ruled out of order, but apparently not.

I urged faculty Senators to resign from Senate rather than be complicit in this travesty, but AFAICT none resigned. I suspect many abstained.

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Yesterday our university Senate was forced to approve an academic restructuring package they didn't see until the meeting started, that cuts programs and will result in mass layoffs of tenured faculty and staff and leave students with no way of competing their original program.

And it was all in-camera, so none of the discussions or arguments will be part of the publicly available minutes.

The administration made a mockery of collegial governance and the bicameral model.

@petrichor I missed the poll but I would have voted for JSON-LD and RDFa in that order.

@hugh I tried installing that a few weeks back and just threw my hands up

Social media, advocacy campaigns, FOSS tools 

We're running social media advocacy campaigns to support the faculty and staff at Laurentian University (MPOW, which declared financial insolvency one month ago).

Someone wanted to reach out to all those who tweeted one of our hashtags and was going to get a group to manually slog through the job.

Instead, half an hour later, via the power of twarc and jq, they now have a nice clean list. Thank you free & open source software!

@skyfaller I always think of Lou Reed singing "I'm searching for my mainline" in Sister Ray and it makes me laugh a little deep inside my dead dead soul.

@VickyRampin I think it would be weird within my organization, which uses GSuite for Education, so everyone's calendars should be synced for free time search etc. Going to LibCal would make it harder for me to check my own calendar.

But outside of the organization? Sure, that makes sense, as long as you provide a little context (basically your "It's connected to..." sentence).

@VickyRampin Oh this is totally me now. Our university declared it is fiscally insolvent a few weeks back and I am pulling as many pieces of intel together for my colleagues as I can (citing parts of the president's affidavit & related court documents, previous Senate reports, lots of Wayback Machine work for old blog posts etc)

twarc help plz! search vs. filter 

@edsu Thanks!

twarc help plz! search vs. filter 

@edsu Ah this explains a lot!

twarc's docs mentioned they were slightly different, but "statuses/filter" redirects to developer.twitter.com/en/docs/ which in turn links to developer.twitter.com/en/docs/

Never would have gotten to the track docs without your help!

twarc help plz! search vs. filter 

This has returned nothing for hours:

twarc filter 'laurentian -"Laurentian elites" -"Laurentian Elite" -"Laurentian consensus" -from:@LaurentianNews'

This works nicely and shows results within the past few minutes that should have been caught by filter:

twarc search 'laurentian -"Laurentian elites" -"Laurentian Elite" -"Laurentian consensus" -from:@LaurentianNews'

Am I doing something wrong?

@anelki @platypus I occasionally wish I could have a Mac VM, solely for testing Safari.

@anarchivist @platypus huh, that might be better than our condensate pump which just slowly created a larger and larger puddle in our basement

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