"Platform redesign coming mid-September 2022"

<sarcasm>I'm so glad the vendors to whom we pay so much money deeply understand their customers needs and wants. What perfect timing!</sarcasm>

selfie, C19 mask 

Yesterday, I tried on my Dentec Nx400 elastomeric respirator (with N95 filters, the P100 filters should arrive soon).

For context, our entire family wears (K)N95 masks.

My son's reaction: "Wow you have a gas mask!"

Spouse's reaction: "Don't you think you're going a little overboard?"

Sadly, no, as the rest of the world stops wearing masks this is what those of us who want to protect ourselves have to do.

I'll wear it to help normalize it for others.

Look who I found nibbling the buds of the branches I absconded from our neighbour's recently felled tree... one week late for Easter!

Accidentally attached to the same tmux session I already had running in another terminal window and suddenly had a flashback to @adr using his N810 tablet to attach via screen to an Evergreen install session at some Access hackfest.

That was when I learned about screen! That alone made the conference worth it.

And I still have my N810 stowed away somewhere. But never tried to be *that* productive on it :)

You're inspiring, John.

While much of this year has been crap, our rhubarb seems to have used it as fertilizer. Crumble coming up.

No no no!!! That's not how time works. There is no "2459"--especially if you're making me choose between AM and PM!

Better living through automation: generate your updated dates, too!

The most recent stanzas shown are from 2021-01-14, so why is OCLC's page claiming it was last updated on Oct. 24, 2019?

And why aren't they consistently using ISO-8601 date formats? :)

My son and I finished enough of the enclosure to move his beardie into his new home. We have more "furniture" (oven-baked birch logs) to add and arrange, but this holiday project has been a success!

Current project with my 12yo son: building a new enclosure for his bearded dragon. I'm not much of a woodworker but this seems to be coming along well. Lots of /r/Bearded_Dragons reading and some clutch assistance from my neighbor who has every tool under the sun.

I'm thankful that a half hour hike from our backyard brings us to places like this. Good hike with the family yesterday morning.

First bike ride of spring 

The Bixi bike-share rolled out its program one day early this year so I gladly jumped on a bike and rode.

Now it truly feels like spring. Next: THE RAIN!

Soaking libraries / library users? 

I'm currently at McGill University, and using the library proxy to access journals, as one does.

I wanted content.iospress.com/articles/

Through the McGill proxy, the Semantic Web Journal throws up a paywall of 27.50 EUR / article, but <shrug>. There are OA versions of the articles.

Then I noticed when I access the same article *without* using the library proxy, it's freely available online.

This seems like a special kind of greed?

I went to a show last night! Mother Mother were in town, and they were in fine form.

Ryan (l) referred to the collective energy in the audience and the shared experience as a form of group therapy (just before the band launched into "It's Alright") and he's not wrong. I had been in a funk for most of the past week and I needed that show.

I got to hang out just a metre away from Jasmin, and I could hear her vocals over the amplified sound. Amazing pipes!

So I figured out why I couldn't log into our university's financial system.

Apparently my password was too strong.

I've suggested they add this info to their (already long) list of password requirements. They force everyone to change their passwords every 6 months. Some of us are bound to be outliers, particularly in academia.

BIBFRAME related work (758) concerns 

MARC field 758 (loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/bd7), which was added to support explicit relationships between works, is instead so undefined that the MARC-to-BIBFRAME conversion specs make no attempt to use it.

Which is a shame, I think it could be useful if it had a prescriptive definition.


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