First bike ride of spring 

Soaking libraries / library users? 

I went to a show last night! Mother Mother were in town, and they were in fine form.

Ryan (l) referred to the collective energy in the audience and the shared experience as a form of group therapy (just before the band launched into "It's Alright") and he's not wrong. I had been in a funk for most of the past week and I needed that show.

I got to hang out just a metre away from Jasmin, and I could hear her vocals over the amplified sound. Amazing pipes!

So I figured out why I couldn't log into our university's financial system.

Apparently my password was too strong.

I've suggested they add this info to their (already long) list of password requirements. They force everyone to change their passwords every 6 months. Some of us are bound to be outliers, particularly in academia.

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