My question about the new OCLC - why does the display default to showing "Featured libraries" that hold a copy?

In my case, the closest Featured Library is SUNY, which is 426 km away. I have to click on "All libraries" to see that *my own university library* that is 0 km away (because I am sitting in it) holds a copy.

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Wait a minute.

Clicking on *any* library within the "All libraries" list no longer links out to the library's catalogue.


Looks like OCLC launched a "Web Visibility" program alongside the revamp to squeeze more money out of their customers:

I guess "web visibility" gets you on the "Featured Libraries" list exactly what used to do for all libraries before the revamp.

"Library Cooperative" my ass. 🤬

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OCLC's Aug. 9 email about the new WorldCat:

" is getting a complete redesign to improve your experience. That’s right, the site you love is getting even better.

New features include:

* Location based results
* Mobile-friendly interface
* Open access materials prominently displayed
* Better accessibility
* More access to e-content from your local library
* The option to more easily find and get resources from your favorite libraries"


"the option" is doing a whole lot of work in that email.

Normally when you take a free default feature away and make it a paid feature, you would call that out explicitly instead of referring to it as "an option".

Fucking monopoly.


I could be wrong. OCLC might have previously only displayed what they now call "featured libraries" (with no such label), so the "All libraries" tab and listing would be new in that case.

The web visibility subscriptions are definitely new though.


@dbs I am not entirely sure how some libraries are getting into featured but All libraries is a non-functional Cluster. It’s. It’s all bad.

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@dbs and looking at the subscription options a "worldcat visibility" subscription is only available in "the americas" :unsafe_ferris:

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