Work - overloaded 

It's annual report time, so I compared my reference stats for this year versus previous years.

With a team of 6 or 7 librarians a few years back, we handled 1,100 reference Q's on average.

This year, with just 3 librarians, we handled 1,050. I handled> 600 of those.

And I'm a systems librarian?!?

I'm so tired.


Work - overloaded 

A month ago I told our University Librarian that my workload was insane and that it has completely sidelined my research, including my PhD, and he tried to explain to me how much flexibility I have in carrying out my workload.

He has personally overseen the cuts from 7 to 3 librarians. He's pretending systems, accessibility, data, liaison instruction and colldev for Fac of Arts, Fac of Education and Health & School of Architecture is a completely normal, acceptable workload.

Work - overloaded 

@dbs That is extraordinary bullshit. I don't know if you can use the strategy of doing your main position (whatever the fuck that is), documenting how much time it takes, and documenting what you therefore can't do?

But if all 7 people were working full-time you can't cut your staff down to 3 and do the same work

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