Social contract info a neighbor just learned the hard way:

at least the US, if you put stuff at the end of your driveway/on the curb, with or without a sign, it’ll be interpreted as “free”

Maybe not like a bike you just parked but other stuff? If you don’t have a sign / you don’t have obvious signs to the contrary… yeah.


@platypus Bikes are often set out for free pickup at the curb (at least in my part of Canada), just to confuse matters further.

Passers-by will generally try to double-check with the homeowner first, though, rather than just *yoink*

Our bedside table/dresser thingies were both scrounged (15 years apart!) from curbs.

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@dbs I have multiple things in the house that came from peoples curbs including one bookcase that is over 20 years old at this point and I love it.

@dbs we also get bikes here, but at least people put the free signs on them. Which I think is an appropriate level of disambiguation. However if one were left out there for a week I would assume it was free

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