Draft workload out. I'm to be responsible for "Accessibility (academic aspects)".

I've asked what aspects of accessibility at a library do *not* impact academic success, because I truly do not understand.

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@dbs As a passerby I would surmise it means "we won't let you do real accessibility work, we just want some boxes ticked". I hope that's not the case.

@victoria I think you nailed it.

The response was roughly "if you interpret a request as a need for a particular space or equipment or digital format (!) you would pass that on to admin to deal concretely with" perhaps resulting in a different space or equipment or digital format.

What even is the point of this role? Why invest in better understanding accessibility if it's handed over to non-experts to decide?

I feel like quitting this place multiple times per week.

@dbs By "this place" do you still mean that disaster of a university?

You really ought to have quit ages ago.

@victoria Yes, same old same old.

I'm torn--it gave me a shot at an undergrad degree after I burned out in high school, and allowed me to rebuild the foundation I needed to do a lot of work I'm proud of. And I have solid friendships with colleagues across the uni.

But it has suffered from years of extractive management, which has only intensified in the last few years. If we can get rid of that mgmt as part of the solution to our current crisis, maybe there's hope...

@dbs The current situation is that the university has reached a point where it will be actively hostile to anyone who truly wants to serve students in an academic sense. Its goals are fundamentally not aligned with yours. A change in management is very unlikely to change that.

The academia there would benefit tremendously from the departure of everyone who sustains it. That university is currently little more than a parasite, deriving sustenance from exploiting those who are truly passionate. Without them, the parasite would vanish, and the way would be made clear to building a better university.

@victoria Harsh, but I understand your perspective.

I do think that Laurentian as a whole could be turned around relatively quickly if it turfed the president, provost, and registrar and replaced them with... almost anyone else. Some rumours give me hope.

Middle management in a number of locations (like mine) needs to be addressed, too, but the rot starts at the top.

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