Our administration has been lying to us for years and now they want to ignore our collective agreement and bi-cameral agreements on how the university shall operate: ey.com/ca/Laurentian

@dbs I can't see any way for this to end well.

Remember what I said about good faculty being the only thing that prevented LU from becoming a shithole? Well now I think I was wrong. I think LU lost the chance to prevent this the minute they started bleeding money to fund unnecessary bullshit. This is what happens when a university is run like a startup.

I think what's so humiliating about this is that LU had a really obvious route to growth...

@dbs LU has access to a Nobel-winning lab, unique geology, a medical school, just a great or at least competent science faculty.

Yet the past 8 years have been been dedicated almost exclusively to pandering to the former president's faves: business administration and architecture. Chasing fads was never the answer but I suspect the admin knew that.

I don't know if "anger" expresses how I feel. Maybe more of a sense of resignation with a tinge of relief, for I have already graduated.

@dbs someone has set fire to the house and only now has the alarm actually started to sound. Even if the fire is put out, all that will be left is the charred husk of what was once there.

My advice: get out and bring the rest of the Good People with you. Don't let the house burn down with them inside.

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