Alma "support" ARGH 

Wrote this in reply to a dismissive support response:

Any developer who understands the tiniest bit about XML would be highly disturbed to see an unescaped "&" character in an XML text node. Please find another developer to look at this problem report. Whoever looked at this one either didn't read past the second sentence, or lacks a basic understanding of XML. There is a basic defect that very badly needs to be fixed, both for technical reasons, and for usability reasons.


Alma "support" ARGH 

In the initial report, I included JS console error messages pinpointing the problem, the URL from which the malformed XML comes, a sample of the malformed XML, and an explanation of what an unescaped & character means.

Everything that a reasonable tier 2 dev should need to take swift action. Not the kind of action that dismissively replies "yes the UI shows you that there wasn't a match"


Alma "support" ARGH 

@dbs We really need an aphorism that opposes "You get what you pay for", from a software standpoint. Because I have never found software that was worth the price (except a few video games).

Keep documenting their failures. Eventually those responsible for putting you in that mess will have to pay attention to system failures outside of your hands. I would hope, anyway.

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