Ex Libris Alma griping : item policies 

The loan and request policies that Ex Libris migrated for us didn't create item policies that mapped to what we had requested. They just left their default item policies in place.

So there are rules for our item policy RESERVE 2 DAY, but that item policy isn't recognized as a valid item policy. If we mapped two item policies to a single loan policy, then editing them to add a third (valid) item policy erases the two invalid item policies.


Ex Libris Alma griping : item policies 

Add to that the horrific point-and-click layers of configuration required to set up a new loan policy, with no ability to export the current set of policies in bulk (screenshots are the recommended way to capture settings at any given point in time), with no API for reading/setting/updating loan policies, and this SQL-loving systems librarian is ANGRY

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