Not in my library. Ever.

"Scientific publishers propose installing spyware in university libraries to protect copyrights"

@dbs As they note, alas, it wouldn't actually be a huge stretch. Pretty horrifying to see this suggestion come from a university though.

@hugh I was (pleasantly) surprised that Primo VE isn't full of trackers, TBH.

@hugh @dbs This isn't the universities but the publishers talking. These publishers are somewhere between Monsanto and Big Pharma on the evilness scale.

@urusan @dbs It was proposed by a university staff member: "Corey Roach, a security officer at the University of Utah"

@hugh @urusan Yeah, that horrified me. Roach is a CISO, no less. This is the kind of crap we have to fight against from the inside!

@hugh @urusan @dbs Wow, what a lovely name there! I doubt the guy's moved out of their initiative tho.

In any case this is good news IMHO. They are trying to grab on to something as they slowly vane into irrelevance.

Open science initiatives are likely to strip journal publishers as sole arbiters of peer review. Proliferation of competing OA journals are eating into their market share in legit ways. Sci-Hub has long opened people's eyes and there's no putting the genie back into the bottle.

@hugh @urusan @dbs Also luckily for us there are huge monetary incentives for govts and unis in going full OA so IMHO these publishers are really fighting a battle they've already lost.

Every now and then something good comes out of capitalism, I guess, despite it intending otherwise....

@dbs "what if we ruined the purpose of libraries for our own profit"

@dbs aaand this is why scientific journals are scams. you can just email the authors of the papers and they'll email the papers to you for free. actual proponents of science and learning want it to be accessible, and freely so. not whatever the fuck that is

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