Canadian university rankings 

Got in a bit of a funk over the latest Maclean's university rankings yesterday because my employer (Laurentian) is ranked close to the bottom of the country on almost everything, again.

I know many faculty and staff who pour their heart and soul into making their students' experiences the best they can possibly be. It's pretty demoralizing to not see any broader impact after all these years. (14 for me)


Canadian university rankings 

This breakdown of student satisfaction survey results (where we placed 19th overall, last in our category of primarily undergraduate universities) is *dismal*:

Course Instructors: 19
Student Life Staff: 19
Administrative Staff: 19
Academic Advising Staff: 19
Mental Health Services: 19
Extracurricular Activities: 14
Experiential Learning: 18
Residence Living: 12
Promoting Indigenous Visibility: 3
Steps to Prevent Sexual Assault: 18

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