Running Fedora 33 beta since yesterday and happy. LibreOffice 7.0, woo! Might try joining the btrfs crowd at some point too.

@edsu I'm not deep into it, but seems to provide fast lightweight snapshots and rollbacks through subvolumes

@dbs I enabled ZFS when I installed Ubuntu recently. I haven't used it much, but notice that every apt install triggers a ZFS snapshot. I'd be kinda curious to hear different uses for snapshots.

@edsu @dbs I used to have a btrfs external harddrive 2-bay enclosure (not a NAS, just usb connected).

I would do snapshots similar to a backup schedule/retention: 24 hourly, 7 daily, 4 weekly, 12 monthly, and infinite yearly snapshots. (I also had a remote backup destination.)

Then adding the apt-install hook on a system btrfs sounds smart.

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