work force envy 

I'm attending a virtual miniconference on library UX for the new consortial system (based on Ex Libris Alma) we'll be joining and all of these presenters are talking about their system teams, working teams composed from four library departments, etc... There were a few years when I was part of a team, but the (great!) systems librarian assistant left and was never replaced.

I'm getting tired of bearing all systems work on my shoulders. And it shows in our degrading UX.

work force envy 

@dbs ugh, will you at least get to lean on the others in the consortium for help for some things?

work force envy 

@Greg Yes, that is definitely a bonus of the consortial approach for the catalogue / core library system! People seem to be happy to share, which is great.

But it's the other systems (institutional repository, web site, etc) that I'm responsible for that are weighing on me. So much technical debt building up :/

And really, we're big enough that we should be able to contribute instead of just leech from our partners. But someone has to be the lowest-funded library I guess...

work force envy 

@dbs oh man, I didn't realize it was all of that other stuff to on your shoulders. :(

work force envy 

@Greg Yeah I've been a one-person show here for a long time now and I'm getting really tired of it :/

I also do all of the other librarian stuff: research help, information literacy instruction sessions, help faculty publish journals.

I am paid well, but it's a lot of moving pieces. A lot a lot.

Anyway thanks for listening to my whining.

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