Continuing library admin hijinx 

Hey cool in addition to suddenly announcing curbside pickup, our library admin also rolled out a scan-on-demand service today--again without consulting with any librarians, including your friendly neighbourhood systems librarian who has managed a fairly large digitization project in the past.

Cool cool cool.

Continuing library admin hijinx 

Scans will be created without OCR. If anyone wants an accessible version, they'll be directed to the Accessibility office.

OCR is one short step and it adds the ability to copy, search, and have the text read out loud: universal design!

I'm considering setting up a web-based Tesseract OCR service and apologetically telling students, staff, and faculty to use that. But first I'm asking teaching faculty to campaign for OCR, because they won't listen to librarians.

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Continuing library admin hijinx 

Oh, plot twist: I looked into the print & scan software that our university uses and discovered that it offers OCR out of the box (

So I guess our library admin didn't know that and didn't want to look like they had made a mistake in setting this up without including librarians with their "no we will not include OCR" stance - or they've deliberately not implemented it.

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