I'm teaching Ex Libris' data import specialist this morning that Excel just displays barcodes using scientific notation and that the underlying data is still perfectly valid.

This, after they saw the 3.00000E+17 values in Excel and admonished me "Please do not open the csv file in any type of editor that will modify data"


@dbs I have, though, indeed seen Excel do some horrible things to data at times.

Doesn't Microsoft have its own weird line break character? I remember having to clean a lot of these out of some files once.

@pizza_pal Oh for sure! I was just very surprised that a data import specialist didn't realize that Excel was a terrible tool to use for manipulating data (or had never run into the barcodes-as-scientific-notation issue before).

@dbs Oh yeah haha, I get it now.

I mean, Excel is a pretty powerful engine, and it is possible to not screw things up with it, if you're a real Excel wizard.

My old boss was really good with it. One time he did this lazy loading thing to load in a few ~5 million row datasets that I was struggling to process using Pandas.

Also, it can be used as digital audio workstation, apparently:

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